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I'm a retired advance practice nurse, & diabetic educator, who is now having to quit being a Hip-o-crit!!!! and take my own advice to eat right and exercise!@ I'm on a calorie restricted (between 1200 and 1500 per day) and lower sodium (following the American Heart Association recommendation of less than 1500 mg per day) and increasing my exercise from six months of sitting on my duff stuffing my face!

I got good genetics for health but have sadly been abusing my body with excess food, excess salt and not enough exercise which has made my blood pressure start to go up, and my blood sugar be over normal and my feet to swell. DUH!

I live in the country of a family farm, raise my own meat, (grass fed beef) and have been an avid gardener until recent years, but am going back to that next spring as well.

I started a group on lower sodium diets here on FS, so come join that if you are interested, it is a good thing for anyone to do not just those of us that have to. I'll be posting the things I learn as I go along and am open to any suggestions so come on and join in and contribute.

I also belong to the "yes, I'm diabetic group," though I am at this time not having to take medication for high blood sugars, but am "diet controlled."

I'm not only having to learn new ways of eating, but also new ways of cooking, shopping, and meal planning. I also feed an adult son who lives and works here on the farm with me so that we can both have what we like and still eat healthy.

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Liquids Diet
I am a retired advanced practice nurse, and have been STRESS EATING and gained some weight. I am currently on a THICKENED LIQUID DIET due to the fact that I have been aspirating food, and I have a swallowing study scheduled for next month but I do not want to get food stuffs into my lungs. I recently had a house fire that put a LOT OF SMOKE into my lungs and so am having problems breathing anyway. I also have a VERY dry mouth due to a medical condition so there is not enough spit in my mouth to moisten food or to have mucus in my esophogus so am doing a work around. But believe me PUREED CHILI AND CRACKERS SUCKS! I hope I can go back to eating REAL food without the hazard of choking to death! LOL
posted 28 Jan 2020, 12:36
Hey gal, I['m "cleopatra" the QUEEN OF DE NILE! I too need an accountability partner...been off my diet and WAY too much weigh! I'm a 68 yr old, very active retired registered advanced practice nurse who has freaking TAUGHT dieting and nutrition to patients for years, now I'm going to start back on my weight loss and try to lose 50 pounds. My physician, who is a friend as well, told me "you are FAT AND OLD" so get over it and lose weight and quit whining. I'm actually in pretty good health, but I'm a heck of a cook and love to EAT!

I live in Arkansas on a farm where my ancestors settled in 1833, a widow with one adult son living here working the farm, and he also is a camp director for Boy Scouts...love animals and love the outdoors, but been sitting on my duff stuffing my face. Joyce
posted 21 Jan 2015, 14:15
Food allergies, especially onion
Congratulations on such a huge weight loss Kingcole! That is absolutely amazing!
posted 17 Mar 2011, 15:56
Hello! just starting my weight loss journey
Hi, welcome! I've lost 28 pounds so far. I'm a retired advanced practice nurse and diabetic educator who didn't take my own advice and after my husband died I gained about 70 pounds and now I have diabetes, high blood pressure and am FAT! So----I have made some LIFE STYLE CHANGES. Don't call it a "diet"---diets are for short term, this has to be a LIFE STYLE CHANGE in order to be effective.

Also, I am following the American Heart Association's recommendation about the amount of SODIUM (salt) which is 1,500 mg for everyone, or less. Actually, they estimate most americans eat 3-5,000 and I was probably eating 10,000 as I loved jerky and corned beef (I made my own) and lots of CHEESE (which has lots of salt!) so it is a LEARNING PROCESS.

I am trying to keep my calories to about 1500 per day (anything less than 1200 puts your female body into "starvation mode"Wink and your husband depending on his size can eat between 1800 and 2000 calories and probably still lose weight (yep, men have the advantage!)

But don't get discouraged! Take a good multivitamin, and start reading labels. More and more stores are putting out canned goods that have NO ADDED SALT. Breads are usually high in sodium so read labels and pick a lower sodium one. Prepared sauces and boxed dinners have HIGH SODIUM in them, so again, read labels. I'm having to THINK before I prepare a meal now instead of just putting something on the table without thinking, but now that I am into the swing of it, it is actually getting where it is about as quick to think about sodium content as calorie content. I also MEASURE everything I put on my plate. For meals where you cook up a big pot, like stew, I just write down the weights or measurements of items going into it add them all together and divide by the cups to get the calories per cup and/or the sodium per serving. You can even make a dish here and fat secret will calculate the calories and servings. Good luck!!!!
posted 23 Feb 2011, 11:14
Can't get the number on the scale to go down!
Are you drinking enough water? Your body needs water in order to burn fat to get rid of it.

Are you eating ENOUGH calories? If you are not eating enough calories, your body goes into starving metabolism and hangs on to as much fat as it can for "hard times."
So make sure to eat enough calories for your basal metabolism (what you would need if you were on a bed in a coma) for women this is generally bout 1200 and men at least 1800.

Exercise: exercise revs up your metabolism so that even lying on a couch you burn more calories than you would have without the previous exercise.

Also, keep in mind that our body tries hard to maintain our weight (that's why humans survived during eons of hard times of feast and famine, ) so BE PATIENT. Good luck

posted 06 Feb 2011, 10:44
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