Carrot Cake Muffins (6 servings)

cals: 66kcal | fat: 0.40g | carbs: 7.11g | prot: 7.37g
Includes: Total 0% Greek Yogurt, egg whites, vanilla, Old Fashioned Oats, baking powder, carrots, French Vanilla Protein Powder, Ground Cinnamon, crushed pineapple, fat free cream cheese, Log Cabin Sugar Free Low Calorie Syrup. 

Chocolate Shakeology Balls

cals: 1170kcal | fat: 35.50g | carbs: 152.50g | prot: 80.50g
Includes: great value oats, honey, shakeology, pb2, peanut butter jif. 

Eggnog Protein Shake

cals: 280kcal | fat: 3.94g | carbs: 17.59g | prot: 39.43g
Includes: all whites, skim milk, ground cinnamon, almonds, truvia, vanilla extract. 

Frozen Peanut Butter Pie

cals: 972kcal | fat: 10.12g | carbs: 152.75g | prot: 53.25g
Includes: Lite Syrup, Cool Whip Fat Free, Pure Unsweetened Almond Milk, PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter, Fat Free Cream Cheese, Reduced Fat Graham Ready Crust, splenda. 

Grilled Cinnamon Raisin Protein French Toast

cals: 379kcal | fat: 2.38g | carbs: 52.62g | prot: 38.76g
Includes: 100% Liquid Egg Whites, Total 0% Greek Yogurt, Ground Cinnamon, Vanilla Extract (Imitation, Alcohol), Lean Dessert Protein Shake, Blueberries (Unsweetened, Frozen), Ezekiel 4:9 Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Pure Almond Milk - Unsweetened Vanilla, Sweetener. 

Maple PB Protein Bars (cut into 8)

cals: 155kcal | fat: 4.61g | carbs: 13.90g | prot: 16.10g
Includes: Salt, vanilla, Old Fashioned Oats, French Vanilla Protein Powder, PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter, Calorie Free Sweetener, Log Cabin Sugar Free Low Calorie Syrup, Tofu. 

Protein Pancake

cals: 227kcal | fat: 3.63g | carbs: 14.36g | prot: 33.51g
Includes: 100% Liquid Egg Whites, pumpkin, Lean Dessert Protein Shake, truvia, baking powder. 

Pumpkin - Turkey Chili

cals: 940kcal | fat: 7.36g | carbs: 94.78g | prot: 137.99g
Includes: chili powder, cumin, swanson chicken broth, cannellini beans, onion, oregano, crushed garlic, canned pumpkin, ground turkey breast, Choppeed Green Chiles. 
"Adapted from Halved except used 1.2 lbs turkey."

Sausage Spaghetti Squash Bake

cals: 361kcal | fat: 18.23g | carbs: 27.25g | prot: 24.78g
Includes: Spaghetti Squash, Honeysuckle White Sausage, spinach, onion, egg, chicken broth swanson, trader joe's coconut milk, garlic, garlic powder, tarragon, sage. 
"with 7 cups spaghetti squash, 1 lb turkey sausage and 4 cups spinach"

Strawberry Shortcake Muffins (6 servings)

cals: 64kcal | fat: 1.55g | carbs: 8.82g | prot: 4.22g
Includes: egg, Total 0% Greek Yogurt, Old Fashioned Oats, baking powder, baking soda, strawberries. 

Taco Stuffed Pepper Cups

cals: 1294kcal | fat: 18.56g | carbs: 158.85g | prot: 121.71g
Includes: Honeysuckle white 99%, Black Beans, Yellow Sweet Corn (Whole Kernel, Drained Solids, Canned), onion, pace chunky salsa, great value shredded mozzarella, taco seasoning, shredded cheddar cheese, green peppers. 

Turkey Burger (7 serving recipe w/ 97% Honeysuckle White)

cals: 158kcal | fat: 3.20g | carbs: 8.66g | prot: 24.16g
Includes: Corn, egg white, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, honeysuckle white, spinach, Italian Style Bread Crumbs, Choppeed Green Chiles. 

turkey sausage, white bean and kale soup

cals: 1093kcal | fat: 21.43g | carbs: 84.43g | prot: 152.67g
Includes: oregano, paprika, onion, kale, salt, thyme, crushed garlic, ground turkey breast, cannellini beans, trader joe's chicken broth, ground black pepper, extra virgin olive oil great value, Shredded Parmesan Cheese. 

Turkey Stuffed Red Peppers

cals: 1256kcal | fat: 28.80g | carbs: 77.57g | prot: 163.60g
Includes: ragu light, bell pepper, basil/oregano, garlic powder, spinach, chopped spinach, kraft shredded parmesan, honeysuckle white 99%. 
"This is 6 pepper halves."

Turkey/Cabbage Casserole

cals: 1229kcal | fat: 9.31g | carbs: 150.85g | prot: 153.44g
Includes: egg beaters, skim milk, cabbage, onion, tomato sauce, brown sugar, minute brown, honeysuckle white turkey breast, swanson low sodium chicken broth.