Chicken, Rice, Green Beans, Grapes

cals: 513kcal | fat: 4.02g | carbs: 73.62g | prot: 48.25g
Includes: chicken breast, green grapes, green beans, Brown Rice (Long-Grain). 

Chili & Flax

cals: 686kcal | fat: 17.69g | carbs: 81.72g | prot: 51.88g
Includes: Chili Con Carne with Red Beans, flax seed. 

Coconut Mahi Mahi with Broccoli

cals: 374kcal | fat: 13.67g | carbs: 14.08g | prot: 48.13g
Includes: broccoli, Coconut Milk (Regular), mahi mahi. 

Fruit salad shake

cals: 212kcal | fat: 3.16g | carbs: 16.91g | prot: 30.71g
Includes: apple, blackberries, melon, nectarine, strawberries, watermelon, designer whey, soy protein. 

Mahi Mahi curry

cals: 1352kcal | fat: 42.92g | carbs: 118.97g | prot: 117.06g
Includes: Green Summer Squash, tomato, chick peas, Coconut Milk (Regular), mahi mahi. 

Mocha Shake

cals: 280kcal | fat: 9.00g | carbs: 34.00g | prot: 21.12g
Includes: decaf, Proflex Classic Vanilla Protein Shake Mix, semi-sweet chocolate chips. 

Peach Shake & Sunflower seeds

cals: 333kcal | fat: 12.50g | carbs: 36.75g | prot: 23.50g
Includes: raw sunflower seeds, frozen peaches, Proflex Classic Vanilla Protein Shake Mix. 

Shrimp Fried Rice

cals: 291kcal | fat: 2.89g | carbs: 44.33g | prot: 23.61g
Includes: corn, egg white, green beans, peas, shrimp, brown rice. 

Steak & sweet potato

cals: 599kcal | fat: 22.12g | carbs: 43.08g | prot: 53.10g
Includes: artichoke, sweet potato, flank steak. 

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