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Another day in Carb Paradise! How in the world are we suppose to lose weight if everywhere we go, everything we see has Carbs all over it!? Life was perfect for me when I was growing up at home and my mom cooked all the time! I was the perfect size 5, weighing in at around 127 lbs, young, pretty, smart...Until, I started to work! That's when my size 5 jeans became a bit too small for me. After work I'd stop at the Jack n the Box around the corner and buy myself those $1 jacks. Actually I'd by around 2 sometimes 3. Before I knew it, I had just kissed my sexy body good bye! I went from 5 to 7 in no time. Eating out did it for me, those burgers, fries, pizza oh my gosh that was terrible. How could I have done that to myself? I ruined my own body. Nobody else did, it was me. All those trips to the beach that I passed on because I didnt like the way I looked. All of those possible night outs that I stayed at home because I didnt look good in the clothes I had. Now that I think about it, life isn't hard, we just make it that way be the decisions we make now. And Today, I move forward to getting rid of those horrible carbs that ruin millions of persons lifes, attitudes, marriages, sex, families, the list goes on and on. Think about it. If you felt attractive, sexy, positive what would you change? How would your life change? Well, I am about to figure out what I've been missing in my life and there is no way I am going to let carbs get in the way once more. Amen!

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BIGGEST LOSER ANYONE? Start Wieghts are in! see post update!
HOW DOES THIS WORK? Who has the details?! I am interested!
posted 23 Oct 2007, 09:43
Anyone else trying to lose wieght while breastfeeding?
Hello, I am sure you are eager to get the baby fat off! Let me tell you something, you have an advantage that all of don't. You just had a baby! That's great news for you. You are probably thinking the opposite. Here's the deal, you are producing HCG its a human hormone that pregnant or recently pregnant women produce. You may research it for more info. Anyways, that hormone allows your body to release the LOCKED fat. Typically that is found in your buttocks, hips and stomach. The perfect scenario for you. As you breast feed you need hundreds of calories to feed your baby. The trick is to eliminate the carbs from your diet. Drop them to under 20 grams per day, continue to breast feed and girl I assure you, you are going to drop that weight. I'd be more than happy to help you learn the atkins diet. Those smoothies are super high in sugar (fruit has sugar), almonds have some carbs and those crackers aren't helping you either. Just in those items you mentioned I am sure you ate over the 20 grams. The above info I got it from, The Weight Loss Cure book thats on commercials. Its true and really effective to fight the bulge. You know, if I wanted to get the HCG hormone you are "naturally" producing I would have to pay close to $200 per shot,per day, for over 30 days..You have all of that for free. Trust me cut out the carbs and you will get your body back!
posted 23 Oct 2007, 09:33
Menstrual cycle and Atkins
Thank you for replying. I was getting to think it was just my problem. When you say watch your water intake. Do you think I should increase it or reduce it? I am drinking about 2 1/2 qts a day.
posted 16 Oct 2007, 16:47
Menstrual cycle and Atkins
Question Does anyone know what the effect of our (ladies only) menstrual cycle and doing Atkins or any diet? I seem to stop dropping weight days before,during and days after! Any ideas or techniques???
posted 16 Oct 2007, 16:25
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