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07 December 2018

I started having trouble with sciatica. Muscle rub made me bleed, so I searched the Internet for an answer. I found a video the demonstrated an exercise that looked silly, but worked. It was also in what I am guessing was Hindi from an Indian looking guy.

Anyway, he sat in a chair with his back straight, crossed his right ankle over his left knee, and held out his left arm all while pressing his right hand on his right knee. Then he counted to ten. I have no idea what he said, but I followed his actions and the pain quit! I slept all night pain free. Woo Hoo! No pain and no bleeding!

In an effort to keep things moving, I had some sugar-free candy last night. Sure enough, stuff passed this morning. Now, I must return to nutritious food or fast. My bp last night was 106/58. If I were pursuing athletics, I would be happy, but as a bed slug, this worries me.

03 December 2018

I broke my fast at the 72 hours mark, because a bunless hamburger sounded good. I had sardines, because it was next on my list for nutritional balance. I decided to rotate eggs, beef, and sardines. I tested my grocery store's delivery service. It has its good and bad points. If I can get to the store, however, I believe that I shall do so. I miss choosing my own items.

Finally, a home health care nurse gave me a definitive diagnosis: Stage 4 - metastasized. No wonder the doctors were treating me so gingerly. Trials overseas show where Stage 4 has been cured with frankincense, so that, and a couple of other treatments, are what I plan to do. promotes the vegan diet. He refused traditional treatment and chose the natural route. Veganism is not for me, but a modified carnivore/keto diet holds promise. Vegetables upset my stomach, but limited amounts of animal protein do not. The other natural treatments hold promise, and I am pursuing some of them.

02 December 2018

02 December 2018

01 December 2018

I woke this morning to extreme pain. It lasted for five hours before I could get up and do anything. Is this withdrawal from the narcotics they gave me in the hospital? I told them I wanted none of that, but one nurse persuaded me to try it after days of pain, so the gig was up for me. I wanted it all the time. Then, on the last night, they suddenly cut me off and quit answering my call button. One nurse wrote me off as a whiny fat woman even as I was bleeding and crying. She gave me a 4x gown that kept falling off me. I wrapped around me twice. The normal size had been fitting me, so this was a message. When I started thinking again, I had so much resentment, that I hoped the worst of them would feel that same pain and receive the same response.

The last time a hospital gave me narcotics, it took ten days to get off of five days use. I spent that time at home weeping and moaning until it passed out of my system. I was on this stuff for seven days. December 12th can't come soon enough.

This explains why I am eating nothing today. Pain neutralizes hunger. I managed to get coffee made this morning, so I'm having that. Somewhere I heard that keeping carbs below 5 grams, proteins below 20 grams, and calories below five hundred mimicks fasting. Fasting helps a lot of conditions. In particular, it starves cancer before healthy cells can feel the pinch.

Cancer may be affecting my brain, so I am keeping this diary. The hospice nurse explained this to me, and warned that people needed to watch me. Sometimes, I can't remember where I have heard something, but I'm hanging onto keto, because a lot of my favorite doctors online have mentioned that fasting kills cancer.

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