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I'm in my 60s, disabled with Fibromyalgia with chronic fatigue syndrome, Osteoarthritis and panic/anxiety syndrome.I'm using intermittent fasting to lose weight and control my type 2 diabetes. I've been following low carb and managed to get off my medication for the diabetes, but I need more.

At my heaviest I was 115 kgs. I have been overweight since I was about 5. I had TB in my knee and eye in 1957 when I was 3 and as the treatment was still quite hit and miss the doctors told my parents that children who put weight on stayed cured - plus my family was fat too. Until I was 14 my weight was equal to my age. I maintained 14 stone until 1977 when I got married for the first time. Then we both piled weight on.

I was lucky when I got TB in that I was given streptymyacin - a broad spectrum antibiotic - which was very new at the time. It was one of three treatments - one was gold injections, which left children either blind or with brittle bones and I don't know what the other one was. I've never been healthy, but doctors can never say what's wrong with me. Cushings syndrome - nope, PCOS - nope, Lupus - nope. I've been in hospital for one of those 3 about half a dozen times. So it was decided that I had fibromyalgia.

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Low Carb Diets - Do they work for everyone?
One thing about this thread is that the calorie followers seem to be only dealing with body builder types and not 'normal', fallible, broken people which I think a lot of the low carb high fat people are. People who've done the run around of low fat - and if they're like me, the Cambridge diet, Herbalife diet, grapefruit diet, cabbage diet, banana diet and many more. I'm 62 and have been dieting it seems for ever. I lost 25 kilos on low fat - and put it back on - I then lost the same 25 kilos on low carb (Atkins) and put 10 back on. I then went back to low carb and kept my weight steady with the odd kilo off here and there. My metabolism is broken - I can maintain weight just by sniffing food sometimes. Now I've added in fasting for a couple of days at a time and low carb/high fat and it's coming off again. And I can stick to this for the rest of my life.

Has anyone read any books on nutrition - or fat (The Secret Life of Fat is a good one) or even the original low carb diet the Banting diet?
posted 01 May 2017, 06:14
Low Carb Diets - Do they work for everyone?
Diablo360x wrote:
EdMcL wrote:
I think the secret to all of this is to stay away from added sugar and don't eat anything that is packaged in a sealed bag. Stay away from processed foods. Eat stuff that grows above ground. KETO dieters do not eliminate carbs. We get complex carbs from the vegetables we eat. We get complex carbs from the low sugar fruit we eat like raspberries and blackberries. And we get complex carbs from the nuts we eat. So. we eat a little bit of everything. Another good habit? Fiber! You like Apple Juice? Eat an apple. Don't drink the juice without the fiber. You really have to change how you feel about food and the role it has in your life to be successful at maintaining your loss. Going on a diet to attain your health is a life decision. While you're losing weight it is very important to realize that the reason you are losing weight is because you changed how you were living. You can never go back to the old ways. The old ways are why we are all here.

Just ignore the case where the nutrition expert goes against all of what you're saying, lost 27lbs(he was not very overweight so it was a significant percentage of his bodyweight) while improving his health.

I've done that very thing, I've been in this field since 99' and have tried all diets, counting calories works just as well as any other diet that restricts certain foods. No wonder there are so many successful calorie counting websites. Guess what weight watchers is, a calorie counting method using points. It's been around for ages with great success stories.

I am in no way saying that low carb does not work, I'm simply stating it works the same way any other diets works, through calorie restriction. It can work without worrying about the counting because in the beginning a lot of weight is lost through water, then, the very fact that you're restricting carbs which is in easy to snack on foods are not an option. It's not rocket science.

I like how Phil, who is attempting to work against me, was on a super low calorie diet when he found success. Ironic.

I love the nutrition expert. Is this the same type of expert that suggests that diabetics should eat lots of lovely carbohydrates that will push up blood glucose - and then you have to have medication to bring your bg down? Then when you keep it down by keep on adding medication tells you how well you're doing?

I'd rather listen to the doctors/nutritionists who are willing to work at keeping people off medication thanks. Type 2 diabetes should be re-named carbohydrate intolerance disease. Because that's what it is.
posted 01 May 2017, 06:04
Low Carb Diets - Do they work for everyone?
HCB wrote:
Diablo - did you read my first post here? I agree with the first law of thermodynamics - I just disagree about the quality of those calories. What do you care whether I eat those calories without grains or dairy because they do not agree with me? Why be mean and sarcastic? Go read my journal for today...

Quoting from The Obesity Epidemic by Zoe HARCOMBE "there is no law that says energy in equals energy out; the first law of thermodynamics is about the conservation of energy; the conservation of energy law only applies to a closed system in equilibrium, so we cannot ignore the second law of thermodynamics, entropy.

Even if you think that energy in precisely equals energy out and that we can ignore entropy and anything taking place endogenously in the human body, surely the corollary of energy in equals energy out would be that less energy in equals less energy out."

Also a calorie is a calorie - do you think that if you ate 3500 calories of lettuce or celery you'd drop a pound in weight?

Why do we think that the human body is a 'simple' machine, every time we do anything - including eating - hundreds of thousands of enzymes, bacteria, amino acids, fatty acids and more work hard at directing it to where it's needed. That all takes energy.

If your diet is sustainable - for life - which for most people means not having to measure everything you eat for ever - and it's working then it is the perfect way of eating for you. We have to remember that DIETs don't work - every diet known to man and woman fails because people always put weight on after about 6 months. Therefore you have to change your Way of Eating and not go on a diet.
posted 01 May 2017, 05:50
Low Carb Diets - Do they work for everyone?
If I eat carbs - even 'good' carbs like leafy green veg - then my weight goes up. I haven't eaten bread or grains for a couple of years now and I've lost weight - quite a lot of weight. I messed up my metabolism by following low calorie diets for about 35 years - lost weight, put it back on plus a bit extra - ended up that I could maintain my weight on 1000 calories. In fact in hospital they put me on 800 calories - I remember losing weight on that when I was 16 - and I lost 25 grams over a week.

I now fast at least a couple of days a week and manage to lose weight. So often when you've been fat for a long time it's insulin resistance causing it. You've overfed so often on glucose pushing carbs and fructose that your body tries to ignore the insulin pushing it into cells so it takes more and more to push it in there.
posted 25 Apr 2017, 06:57
Actual waist size versus trouser size
Is it just me or do other people find a big difference between their actual waist measurement and their clothes size. When I stand in the buff and measure my waist it measure 41 inches, but I'm wearing a pair of 36 inch waist jeans and I'm having to wear a belt with them as they keep slipping down - where does the other 5 inches go? Question
posted 14 Apr 2017, 05:10
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