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25 August 2011

09 August 2011

04 August 2011

27 July 2011

Its one of those weeks where you wait for the know the saying, everything comes in 3s?
The dryer is broken...great!!!! Just as the finances were getting straightened out, I have that to pay for.
The I get pulled over by the local police. Apparently my registration expired...never got a renewal notice from DMV. So yesterday I had to take off work (something I can't really afford to do) so that I could get my registration renewed (not in the budget either this month!) and I get to pay a $70 ticket. Just shoot me now and end my misery!!!
Today I will not go to the gym. It is going to be the first day this week under 90 degrees. The dogs really need to walk.
I am going to weigh in today on the Wii. I feel real good this week, so I believe the weigh in will be at most 153...kinda hoping for something under 152.
I sincerely hope my Buddies are having a better week than me!

21 July 2011

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