cals: 1320kcal | fat: 37.27g | carbs: 131.51g | prot: 63.74g
Includes: quarter chicken leg, pork loin, coleslaw, red potatoes, beef sirloin, duvel beer, baked beans, tater tots, BBQ Ribs, pulled pork, BBQ sauce. 


cals: 800kcal | fat: 18.60g | carbs: 104.05g | prot: 52.30g
Includes: brisket, chicken , ciabatta roll, BBQ sauce, baked beans, macaroni & cheese, iced tea. 
"Honky Tonk BBQ"

Crackers & Cheese

cals: 439kcal | fat: 27.78g | carbs: 31.38g | prot: 16.60g
Includes: cheddar cheese, hummus, summer sausage, crackers, pita chips. 

Lettuce Tacos

cals: 650kcal | fat: 19.94g | carbs: 55.56g | prot: 58.62g
Includes: cheddar cheese, Chicken Breast (Skin Not Eaten), tortilla chips, tomato, salsa, romaine lettuce, taco seasoning, queso, refried beans, tostada shell. 
"Lettuce shell tacos with a side of beans, Queso and chips"

Pad beef basil

cals: 443kcal | fat: 15.16g | carbs: 57.92g | prot: 16.20g
Includes: rice, canola oil, onion, fish sauce, jalapenos, chuck roast. 

Pot Roast - Crock pot

cals: 715kcal | fat: 23.39g | carbs: 79.62g | prot: 34.67g
Includes: carrots, corn, onion, peas, potato, mashed potatoes, pot roast, red wine, pillsbury cresent roll. 

Unstuffed Chicken @ Loft

cals: 892kcal | fat: 31.05g | carbs: 50.67g | prot: 59.31g
Includes: chicken breast, potato chips, couscous, french onion dip, spinach, goat cheese, corona light, olive oil.