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I am working hard to get back into shape. I was a fitness addict for years until I started my own business. Then I let life get in the way of living.

I workout 4-5 days a week with a trainer and at home. I try to eat healthy and stay around 1600 cals a day. With my normal routine and workouts, that's 400-1000 cal deficit each day. Anything less than 1600 cals, I will not see results the way I want and I get nauseous by the end of the day.

I dont do diets as this is a lifestyle change for me. Watching my calories and exercising is what I do.

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Caloric Intake
My suggestion of 1200 calories is the bare minimum for any woman but for you it all depends on your RDI. Mine is 1900 so I tend to stick to around 1600 cals. I cant do 1000 less than my RDI as I will pass out or be starving at the end of the day and eat a big fatty greasy burger.

What is your RDI? Follow spacey's advice and stick to 1000 less than that and make better food choices. Since this is your going to be for the rest of your life, eat a little less and exercise to your abilities and you will get there.
posted 22 Apr 2013, 11:06
Caloric Intake
So sorry to hear about your illness but I think that you took Spacey's comment the wrong way. You should understand and research your own weight loss plan as nobody knows your life and goals better than you. If you cant figure it out on your own, coming to a forum, even a weight loss forum, is not the right place. Talk to a nutritionist to find out what will work for you.

That being said, as mentioned many, many times here and on the internet in general, to lose a pound, you have to have a calorie deficit of 3500 calories. That means you have to eat 3500 calories less or burn off 3500 calories to lose 1 lb.

Spacey said that for your weight you could afford to reduce your intake by 1000 calories and not suffer at the end of the day. Thus after 3.5 days you will lose 1 lb. Thus if you do that for 35 days, you will lose 10 lbs and so on.

If you can handle more of a deficit, go for it you should NEVER go below 1200 cal in a day. If you are working out, you should not go even that low. Honestly, I rarely go that low in calories because I will get dizzy and nauseous.

Make sure that the calories you eat are good for you and not candy bars and potato chips. Get fruits and veggies in there.

Work hard and you will get where you need and want to be.
posted 21 Apr 2013, 23:12
Who else is concerned about having loose skin?
I looked in the mirror today and saw that my arms are sagging big time but then I look at how big my pants are on me and say who cares if I have saggy arms.

I cant remember a time that I did not have saggy boobs as I am and always have been large breasted. Even when I lose weight, the boobs shrink proportionately to the rest of me. but of course sag more.

Once I hit my final goal weight of 150 and keep it off for 1 year, I am going to have my breasts lifted. I figure with all the money I save by not eating fast food, I can have the breasts of a 21 year old.
posted 19 Apr 2013, 22:29
Newbie alert!!
I am surprised that as a full time student you dont have access to a gym at your school. Go in the morning when the rest of the student body is sleeping and you can get a great workout.

Of course, if that is not an option, google body weight workout and you will find lots of exercises you can do at home. Buy a set of resistance bands or dumbbells and you are set. Walk for your cardio or jump rope and you will eventually get where you want to be.
posted 19 Apr 2013, 17:57
What Do You Have for Breakfast?
On the days that I go to the gym in the morning, I each a Jimmy Dean's D-Lite breakfast sandwich (turkey sausage, egg whites, cheese, english muffin). 250 cals and it gives me what I need to get through the workout. If I dont eat something, I will get dizzy and not able to push myself until its over.

On the days that I dont workout, I eat 2 egg omelet with turkey sausage. About 300 cals unless I make it a mexican omlet and through salsa and lite sour cream on it.

I have to have breakfast everyday and usually within the first hour of waking up. I dont do well with fasting. I spend a lot of time on the road and dont have the willpower to fight hunger pains and the fast food gauntlet as I travel.
posted 19 Apr 2013, 17:48
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