Beef stirfry

cals: 713kcal | fat: 13.68g | carbs: 124.56g | prot: 25.70g
Includes: Cooked Broccoli (Fat Not Added in Cooking), Cooked Red Peppers, White Mushrooms (Stir-Fried), Campbell's Chicken Broth, Great Value Canola Oil, Beef Top Sirloin (Trimmed to 1/8" Fat), Minute Rice Long Grain Premium White, China Lily Soya Sauce. 

Chicken Fried Rice

cals: 622kcal | fat: 2.66g | carbs: 120.64g | prot: 28.82g
Includes: fried chicken, carrot, onions, mushrooms, minute rice, peaches & cream corn. 

Chicken stroganoff

cals: 798kcal | fat: 28.82g | carbs: 87.21g | prot: 47.71g
Includes: sour cream, Fried Chicken Breast No Coating (Skin Not Eaten), campbell's cream of mushroom soup, becel, No Yolks Egg noodles. 

Homemade Chicken Noodle

cals: 555kcal | fat: 7.94g | carbs: 80.76g | prot: 35.50g
Includes: Chicken Breast, chicken broth, bowtie pasta, red pepper, onion, carrot. 

Taco Salad

cals: 612kcal | fat: 37.41g | carbs: 41.73g | prot: 28.74g
Includes: sour cream, lean ground beef, iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, nacho cheese doritos.