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How Often Do you weigh yourself?
well every morning can drive you insane but thats how i do it as well. its sickening to say the least when you see the weight going up instead of down, but its because of fluctuations and a lot of other parameters like water weight etc.

best way to keep track is weekly i think.
posted 10 Jan 2018, 04:41
Starting weight training
your post made me feel quite sad, and i can feel your frustration, even talking to trainers didnt help you find a good routine, and you had to quit. but quitting is not the best option out there.

think about what you can do to improve your weight training experience so you are drawn to it and eventually come to like it. as i see it, a 5-6lb dumbbell would work a lot better for you. the other thing, avoid injury at all costs. if you feel you are contracting the wrong muscles after a number of reps, stop the exsercise, thats the point where you exhausted the muscle so you are not doing anything good, you are just injuring yourself. also, try to make it routine, assign each day to a muscle group. my routine is as followes:

monday: biceps, chest
tuesday: abs(you can use this as rest day)
wednesday: triceps, back
thursday: abs(you can use this as rest day)
friday: shoulders, legs
saturday: abs(you can use this as rest day)
sunday: rest day

there are a lot of sites on the internet where you can look for dumbbell exercises, just avoid any exercise that requires bending as those can be really risky if done wrong. i'm looking at you back exercises.

so thats my advise to you, i hope you try again and make weight training something you enjoy doing, as i've started feeling great once i made them a part of my life. just keep it simple, start easy and work your way upwards, and make it routine. and since my post is long enough, i can offer you some exercises if you want to, just ask when you feel like it.
posted 05 Dec 2017, 12:05
Starting weight training
if you are a complete newbie then i suggest low weights at first, to get your muscles in shape, something like a wake up call. no need to go for 10 lbs if you can barely complete your sets, go lower until your muscles have "woken" up as i like to call it, to avoid a potential injury or unnecessary strain.

if your husband has weight training experience just tell him that it doesnt feel right with 10 lbs yet. You can also tell him to give you an easier program for starters, people with experience often think that all people are on par.

i recently started weight training as well, at home with 10 lbs in and i can challenge myself with them, even though i am not a complete newbie. plus my wake up period consisted of a lot of days of push ups, i didnt jump right in to get dumbbells.

seriously though, your husband probably has more experience than me, so it would be better to talk to him so he can tailor a program more suitable for you.

i wish you all the luck with and endorse your decision to start weight training, its such a great exercise to keep anyone in shape. its not all about bodybuilding, weight training can be used just for toning, and boosting metabolism.
posted 09 Nov 2017, 00:02
you can do HIIT burpees or climbers. i hate those 2 because of how brutal they can get. do 30 seconds, 10 seconds break, 30 seconds, 30 seconds break. 5-9 rounds depending on your fitness level. if thats too hard, 30/15,30/60 is a lot easier.
posted 09 Oct 2017, 08:37
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