Chicken, rice, salsa and cheddar cheese

cals: 375kcal | fat: 1.54g | carbs: 58.06g | prot: 29.52g
Includes: salsa, fat free cheddar, chicken breast, White Rice (Medium-Grain, Unenriched, Cooked). 

Baked potato soup

cals: 349kcal | fat: 12.32g | carbs: 34.43g | prot: 25.38g
Includes: milk, fat free cheddar, shedds, cooked bacon, russet potat. 

Beef and vegtable Soup

cals: 147kcal | fat: 2.43g | carbs: 22.80g | prot: 9.38g
Includes: potato, corn, green beans, cabbage, carrot, beef shank, diced tomato. 
"Homeade soup"

Broccoli and Cheese

cals: 245kcal | fat: 12.22g | carbs: 17.01g | prot: 19.15g
Includes: onion, 2 % cheddar cheese, fat free cheddar, broccoli, country gravy. 
"Easy fast broccoli and cheese (1/4 of a double batch)"

Chef Salad

cals: 228kcal | fat: 7.22g | carbs: 6.17g | prot: 33.62g
Includes: cheddar cheese, lettuce, egg white, italian dressing, turkey, ham. 
"Salad with Turkey/ham/cheese/egg/dressing..."

cherrios and milk

cals: 181kcal | fat: 4.35g | carbs: 28.84g | prot: 9.12g
Includes: Milk (Other Than Whole, 1% or Skim), Cheerios, splenda. 

Chicken and sausage gumbo

cals: 360kcal | fat: 10.64g | carbs: 31.41g | prot: 31.45g
Includes: flour , canola oil, water , seasoning blend, onion, tasso, Chicken breast, cooked rice. 
"Chicken and sausage gumbo made with roux, One cup gravy with 1/2 cup rice and 1/2 chicken breast."

Chicken Fajitas 2

cals: 332kcal | fat: 8.18g | carbs: 38.87g | prot: 27.13g
Includes: salsa, chicken breast, onion, bell pepper, flou tortillas. 

Chicken spagetti

cals: 379kcal | fat: 2.51g | carbs: 49.96g | prot: 35.97g
Includes: Chicken breast, Spaghetti (Without Added Salt, Enriched, Cooked), mozz cheese, spagetti sauce. 
"topped with cheese"

Chicken stew with dumplings

cals: 489kcal | fat: 10.82g | carbs: 54.94g | prot: 40.32g
Includes: chicken breast, chicken gravy, biscuits, rice cooked. 


cals: 416kcal | fat: 19.60g | carbs: 19.23g | prot: 38.55g
Includes: ground meat, tomato puree, red beans, onion, cheddar cheese fat free. 
"Ground meat chili"


cals: 31kcal | fat: 0.85g | carbs: 3.09g | prot: 2.47g
Includes: Milk (Other Than Whole, 1% or Skim), coffee, splenda. 
"Coffee slpenda f/f half and half"

Corn bread dressing

cals: 264kcal | fat: 9.24g | carbs: 29.76g | prot: 12.89g
Includes: jiffy mix, chicken, chicken broth, egg white, onion, celery. 
"Homeade 6 servings One cup each"

Egg salad Sandwiich

cals: 283kcal | fat: 11.69g | carbs: 21.84g | prot: 28.68g
Includes: 100% Whole Wheat Bread, egg, egg white, hellmans light mayo. 
"Egg white, one yolk.light mayo, wheat bread"

French onion soup Homeade

cals: 164kcal | fat: 5.08g | carbs: 20.92g | prot: 8.50g
Includes: beef broth, onion, water, wheat french bread, mozz cheese slices. 
"Soup with french bread and cheese"

Lunch Salad

cals: 202kcal | fat: 15.76g | carbs: 5.80g | prot: 11.24g
Includes: Iceberg Lettuce (Includes Crisphead Types), Zesty Italian Dressing, ham, Cheddar or American Cheese (Low Sodium, Pasteurized). 
"Lettuce ,italian dressing,cheese, ham or bacon bits"

Mushrooms and Onions

cals: 125kcal | fat: 5.17g | carbs: 17.21g | prot: 6.32g
Includes: mushroom, onions, olive oil. 
"serving for three"

Shrimp with mushrooms and onions

cals: 127kcal | fat: 3.63g | carbs: 9.15g | prot: 15.35g
Includes: olive oil, mushroom, onions, shrimp. 

Teriyaki Chicken with veggies

cals: 196kcal | fat: 1.22g | carbs: 21.96g | prot: 23.25g
Includes: chicken breast, teriyaki glaze, onion, mushroom, bean sprouts. 
"Chicken breast.onion,mushrooms bean sprouts and teriyaki glaze"

Tuscan Breeze

cals: 267kcal | fat: 0.09g | carbs: 37.51g | prot: 1.64g
Includes: Cordial or Liqueur, vodka, pineapple orange, sprite. 
"alcoholic beverage"


cals: 0kcal | fat: 0.00g | carbs: 0.00g | prot: 0.00g
Includes: water. 
"water 33 ounces"

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