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Well after being on FatSecret since May 2014 I decided to try to write a bio. I am 62 years old and 5'8". I began here at 206 pounds and was determined to lose weight. I was never overweight growing up or most of my adult life. I was very active and didn't watch what I ate. I showed and trained dogs and did a lot of traveling. When injuries to my foot, knee and back finally caught up with me I still ate like I did when I was very active. So gained weight. Finally in May 2014 I made the decision I wasn't doing my joints any favors being overweight. I looked at a lot of diets and decided on Atkins or LCHF. It was a perfect fit since my husband is a diabetic. I knew that I could eat this way for the rest of my life. Now I am 139 pounds and feel great. After reaching my goal I still log food and make myself accountable for what I eat. My blood work is great and my husbands A1C is much lower. Wish I would have found this way of eating years ago.

I do wish everyone good luck on the journey of losing weight and healthy eating.

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cals: 66kcal | fat: 5.66g | carbs: 0.81g | prot: 3.18g
Jalapeno Poppers II
Stuffing something with cheese instantly makes it better. If you wrap it in bacon, UNSTOPPABLE.
cals: 140kcal | fat: 11.50g | carbs: 1.83g | prot: 5.00g
Sweet Oopsie Rolls
Low carb cream cheese rolls.
cals: 88kcal | fat: 4.19g | carbs: 5.86g | prot: 7.12g
Coconut Cookies II
High protein, low carb coconut cookies.
cals: 168kcal | fat: 13.47g | carbs: 3.57g | prot: 9.50g
Cream Cheese Biscuit
A very low carb breakfast muffin.
cals: 213kcal | fat: 15.60g | carbs: 8.88g | prot: 9.82g
Coconut Almond MiM
A muffin in a minute with coconut and almond flour.
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Ok here are a few things I can see. Atkins Induction is 20 net carbs with 12 to 15 net carbs coming from foundation veggies. It's always 12-15 net carbs of veggies whether in induction or the later phases. Add fat to each meal. Only two Atkins bars or shakes a day. That's the maximum. The frozen meals do not count in the two per day if you want to use them. I used them in the beginning. Calories should be around 1500 a day. Only three sugar substitutes a day. If you eat to few calories your body thinks your starving and will hold on to the weight. My advice also is to go onto the Atkins site and read all the info about what to eat. Plan your meals in advance if possible. Protein should be 4-6 ounces at each of the three meals. Snacks between meals. The book The New Atkins Made Easy is great. They don't like to talk about percentages but for me I keep fat above 65%, Protein about 20-25% and the carbs the rest. If my fat is low I won't lose. Remember Atkins is a high fat low carb.
posted 28 Feb 2015, 14:53
40 tips for Newbies on Atkins
Nice list. Thanks. I have to say my favorite of the books is The New Atkins Made Easy. But have enjoyed all of them.
posted 19 Feb 2015, 16:02
Ketosis question
If your on induction and on Atkins 20 you should be eating 20 NC with 12-15 of them coming from foundation veggies. You should be having 4 to 6 oz of protein with each of the three meals. The cheese limit is 4oz a day and some people find to lose they need to consume less than 4oz. Calories for women are 1500-1800. The Atkins site has the list of foods for all phases. If you eat to little calories your body goes into starvation mode and holds on to everything. Hope this helps
posted 18 Feb 2015, 14:34
Make sure your getting enough fat. The fats will make you feel full. When I started I was never hungry. Make sure your not counting calories and not getting enough food. I also keep my fat percent around 70% that where I do my best. Make sure your getting enough protein and 12-15 NC for veggies. Just check your percentages and you might have to make a few adjustments to find the just right spot where you don't feel hungry.
posted 13 Feb 2015, 19:32
Atkins 40
Congratulations!!! I've been on Atkins since May 2014. It's a great way to eat right and feel great. It sounds like your doing great. I have found it to be such a easy way to learn to eat right and you can do it forever. Just follow the phases and enjoy.
posted 13 Feb 2015, 19:12
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