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hey guys.. my name is joanne and i'm 23, engaged, i have a little boy.. i'm just trying to find a healthy lifestyle and not feeling so tired all the time..i've had a hard past.. my dad passed away a yr ago, i think thats what really makes me want to change my lifestyle for my son.. before that from the time i was 9 and hit pubity,i've been struggling with my weight... having people tell that i was fat and "didnt i wish i could be like all the other girl". so i have a hard time getting all the negative comments from my family out of my head... i have self esteem issues and anal about my weight( but still overweight. went through a phase in high school where i would hide to eat. enough about my past, before i had my son i went on the Atkins Diet and i lost 30 pounds in about 3 months if not less.. and now that i've had him.. i'm just having a hard time losing the weight..before i had him was at 250 got down to 225 by just being a new mom and running around taking care of him. i've never been small, even in high school i weighed in at about 185 and for as long as i can remember i've just dealt with it.. so here i am trying to find something that will get me through this so i can finally be happy with my body.. i mean actually really love my body..

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why are nuts so bad for you during induction. yesterday while cooking dinner i was so hungry that i had some almonds,peanuts, and pistachio.. now i didnt go over my carb amount but i was just curious why its a no no.
posted 25 Jan 2008, 10:14
Rabbit's BuddyTalk!
So far my day is okay.. i was doing better earlier but i'm a little down now.. i'm weird i know lol.. actually i feel that weird sensation in my stomach and i know my period is coming.. as long as it ends before the wedding.. other then that just trying to be patient with loosing this stupid weight..I mean it really makes me think... its so easy to sit there and stuff your face sometimes and gain weight. but its like 10 times the battle to would think that since your trying to do something positive that it would easier.. but then again life wouldnt be live right? if everything was easy.. I'm really getting to that point where i'm just like there's no point in cheating or putting those foods in my body.. cause i know whats gonna happen, its nothing new.. you eat. then sit there and be like why did i eat that, i was doing so well.. and have to start all over again.. cause its harder to get back on track.. i feel like i've been doing this cycle over and over again.. and eventhough i'm doing good now,i'm just scared of just letting go again.. sorry guys i took this time to vent,i always have something to complain about lol
posted 19 Sep 2007, 18:15
what is your favorite low carb fruit ??
i havent gotten to that stage yet.. but man i cant wait to eat some mangos.. didnt know you could eat that period on Atkins
posted 19 Sep 2007, 17:15
What about you?!
whew.. ummm.. pretty hands and feet.. beautiful eyes,lips,smile, lower back,nice hair,the way my body is shaped minus the extra weight lol... now some people might look at this and be like wow she's full of herself.. this is the first time i've ever complimented myself in front a whole bunch of people.. i'm one of those people who doesnt except compliments or just laughs the off and say " Yeah Okay" so this is astep for me a big one at that
posted 16 Sep 2007, 16:16
hello there ladies!
well you know what girls.. i hate the holiday reason for that reason but last year i didnt do that bad i was eating turkey left and right.. only thing is that i have to prepare the vegetables, cause nobody makes them on holidays.. and we dont have desert really they just love rice and beans, pasta salads...all i know is that we need to get through the next couple months without cheating that way we have more willpower cause i'm gonna need it this time around cause i should be in memphis around that time and my fiance's family cook alot of bad southern food and they know how to make deserts.. my family doesnt thats one of the reasons i got away with it lol whew we'll see what happens hopefully they dont force me to eat
posted 09 Sep 2007, 09:27
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