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25 January 2020

24 January 2020

17 January 2020

As a Type-2 Diabetic, I look for various ways to manage my blood sugar levels. Something I've always enjoyed to accomplish this task, as well as maintaining other vital functions (e.g. blood pressure) is to drink hot tea. There are many great flavors out there to choose from, but the three types I've pictured here are good for helping you manage blood sugar. On the top left is bitter gourd, the bottom left is guava, and the right side is one I just tried the other day: monk fruit (listed on the box as grosvenor momordica fruit tea). All types are good by themselves, but I mixed the flavors as well, and really enjoyed the tea. I picked these up at an Asian market, but you can also find a good variety of teas at the grocery store, and even online. If you want to manage your blood sugar levels, tea can provide effective resources for this, as well as other excellent health benefits.

11 January 2020

A while back, I posted that I periodically use the rubber fitness balls as part of my training regimen. I sometimes use them at work during down time, or when I have to work overtime and don't have the time to do an extended workout. Other times I use them to do a lighter workout to say I've done something for the day, thus minimizing my ability to make excuses for not working out. Before I had used the purple ones, which are two pounds each, but I recently added the five-pound green ones to my regimen. I use the five-pound ones to help with strength development, while I've increased the number of reps using the lighter ones to help enhance flexibility and speed. I think the five-pound ones are as high as I can go, mainly because anything higher might be a little too big for me to get an adequate grip to perform reps on some exercises. In any case, they are helping me burn calories while toning my arms and shoulders, and they also help strengthen my mind by keeping me in the mindset to take care of business. Remember: even stopping to pick up a penny increases your wealth!

30 December 2019

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