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178.0 lb
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144.0 lb
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130.0 lb
Still to go: 14.0 lb
I am a SAHM with 4 kids aged 15, twins aged 12 and a boy that's 10! They are the best! I also have a crazy golden retriever named Charlie that is a handful. I am shooting to get my weight back to 135. I started at 190 in March and am working hard! I'm trying to stay positive and it's tricky... I really like using this site to stay on track and connect with others that are also trying hard to figure this out. I like to workout (I think it helps me 'not' gain weight, but doesn't help me loose weight). Here's hoping we can all get to our goal weight together!!

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on diet Atkins
last weighin: losing 1.1 lb a week Down
on diet Atkins
last weighin: gaining 0.9 lb a week Up
on diet Atkins
last weighin: losing 0.3 lb a week Down
last weighin: gaining 2.5 lb a week Up

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Where is everyone from?
Hi - I'm from a suburb west of Boston called 'Westboro'. Go Red Sox - Boo Yankees!! This time of year is very nice in Boston and should be great for about the beginning of November. And then..... watch out, winter stinks! But I love it here anyway!
posted 07 Sep 2007, 05:38
Stuck on Atkins- L-Carnitine
I've never taken L-carnitine (not really sure what it is - sounds interesting).

But, if you haven't lost anything on Atkins yet, you may have to cut out a few items and see if it works. Things like alot of cheeses, processed meats (bacon, hot dogs, deli meats), diet soda, asperatame(splenda, sweet n low), sugar-free candy, Atkins bars or any meal replacement bars). Do you use any of these? Alot of times, these can be the culprit for stalling Atkins for some folks......

Sometimes even 20 carbs during Induction can stop you from getting into ketosis, so you may have to lower it further for 3-4 days to see if you can get the scale to move.
posted 12 Jun 2007, 07:57
I want to lose the weight so that I can:

- Have the energy to play endlessly with my kids
- To be comfortable in my clothes without always worrying about how fat I look
- Not set myself up for diabetes (it runs fast & hard in my family)
- Be in a 'normal' weight range for women of my height & weight
- To look younger! (I've always looked older than I am & weight seems to add years for me)
posted 05 Jun 2007, 07:35
Atkins Diet
I miss being able to have a marguerita and chips/salsa with a bunch of friends on a deck under the sun umbrella on a nice day. I know that if I start on the chips/salsa I may not be able to stop, so I just don't eat it. I did have a couple of sips of a delicious Mojito on Memorial day and it tasted really really good. But I got such a buzz from just a few sips because it's been awhile!

But, that's probably the thing I miss most!
posted 05 Jun 2007, 07:31
Sugarfree peanut butter?
I have been trying to look for it also.... The only thing I could find was sodium free, but not sugar free. I bought this brand "Teddie Unsalted Old Fashioned Peanut Butter" and it's pretty good tasting. Here's a comparison of the nutrition facts between the Teddie & Skippy brand, for two tablespoons of the stuff:

Skippy: 190-calories, Fat-16g, Carb-7g, Sugar-3g, Sodium-150mg, Protein-7g

Teddie: 190-Calories, Fat-16g, Carb-7g, Sugar-1g, Sodium-0mg, Protein-8g

So, no difference in calories/fat/carbs, but a slight diff in sugar/sodium. (Wish I could find something more low cal/low carb!!!) Sad
posted 02 Jun 2007, 06:35
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