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I just turned 71, and weigh about 57 kilos, that´s about 125, am 5'5". Am a woman. I was a globe trotter the last 5 years of my 7th decade, and traveled all over the world, until I put out anchor here in Lima, Peru 2 years ago.

I was always active in sports, and have been going to the gym for the last 30 years or so, except when I was traveling. But, backpacking is exercise enough.

I am registered at a local Peruvian gym here, Energym, and I go to Pilates 3 days a week, step class 2 days, and circuit one day. I am trying to get an individualized strength exercise program going, but have a 15 min video I lift weights with about 3 days a week.

Because I don't have a car, and haven't had one for over 6 years, I walk a heck of a lot. At least a mile or so every day, and generally more than that.

I tell my friends if I want to eat, I have to walk to get the food. Storage space here in my shared apt is limited. And, that's ok too.

I cook from scratch about 95% of what I eat, although cheap restaurants are in no short supply. But the markets are truly outstanding, fresh fruit, veggies, dried fruit, nuts, grains, available everywhere, and at bargain prices. And fresh fish, seafood! We are right on the ocean, and it's always available for a great price. I like it steamed, just with lemon. I just bought half kilo of fresh spinach for about 50cents. I'll eat on that for about 3 days; I love it steamed, with only red vinegar. The grocery stores are very, very limited in canned, frozen, and packaged products. Not anything at all like U.S., which is good.

So, the option to eat really, really healthy is all around me, if I can stay out of the fast food joints. And bakeries. There is cheap garbage food available on every corner, every street.

so, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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Is resting metabolism excluded when counting calories in activities?
At my gym, they will give you a test by passing a small current of electricity thru your body that will give you your muscle and fat mass, in each quadrant of your body. Too bad you didn't do that before you started weight loss, because maybe you lost muscle. Anyway, if you could find such a service, you might want to get results for a benchmark. The BMR is based on height and weight and sex; I would suppose that when they calculate calories expended for exercise, they would include those calories needed for body maintenance, as you still have to maintain, even when you are exercising. I mean, it's like driving a car, as long as the car is going, it's consuming gas, no matter how slow or how fast. Just consumes more the faster it goes. Well, that's my take on it. I have found with logging calories on this site, if I have net 7000 calorie loss, I will have about a kilo weight loss. I think that's about as scientific as this site will allow. and good luck. There are a lot of variables.
posted 21 Jul 2014, 05:45
Belly Fat - reply
well, I am not an expert,but do remember reading somewhere that there is no such thing as fat going off one place. Whatever you call that. It'll go, with everything else. Just keep the calories down, that'll help a lot.
posted 02 Feb 2014, 16:02
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