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There is not much to say about me. I grew up in Norfolk, England and lived in the same villiage I was born in for the first 22 years of my life, except when I went to Uni' in Winchester, England. I have a great family over there that I miss with all my heart and who I don't get to see nearly as much as I would like. I also miss Badminton, Rugby, English biscuits (cookies), chocolate, crisps (chips),fish n'chips and my mum's cooking. (Can you imagine the weight I put on when I go home?!)

My husband and his family are all wonderful and I like it over here in Alabama. I teach Sunday School to 9th grade girls, I participate in the Civil Air Patrol and haven't yet figured out how to motivate myself to exercise after work.

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cals: 218kcal | fat: 12.53g | carbs: 6.27g | prot: 20.15g
Cauliflower Pizza Crust
An Atkins friendly alternative to a pizza crust, low in carbs and a moreish meal or snack.
cals: 131kcal | fat: 5.56g | carbs: 7.78g | prot: 12.27g
Baked Ricotta Custard
Creamy custard that tastes just like rice pudding - without the rice.
cals: 106kcal | fat: 10.19g | carbs: 1.19g | prot: 2.90g
Raspberry Cheesecake Squares
These low carb cheesecake squares are very good.
cals: 130kcal | fat: 8.70g | carbs: 9.05g | prot: 3.86g
Mock Cheesecake
Great substitute for real cheesecake for South Beach dieters.
cals: 119kcal | fat: 8.56g | carbs: 11.23g | prot: 2.26g
Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies
A sweet treat for carb counters.
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Exercise music - what are you listening to?
Toby Mac, World Wide Message Tribe, Audio Adrenaline, Red.
posted 13 Oct 2011, 15:34
U.S. Health Care
Yeah, I totally admit 'socialist country' was not well put to say the least. Socialist tendencies though.
posted 27 Jul 2009, 16:35
U.S. Health Care

You seem a little out on your own on this post! Let me give you some company as one who is not scared of your thoughts Smile, but of what might come (yes scared is a little strong, but I am apprehensive about the future).

I come from a socialist country and as a kid never thought about health care, we were just taken to the Dr (or they came to us if we were too sick), got the prescription or went to the ER. Yes indeed that is great never having to worry about affording to go to the doctor/dentist, although as a kid it never crossed my mind that money should be involved other than the 5 GBP for the prescription. What a great system……yes in many, many ways it is great on the surface with simple little coughs and colds and simple breaks (as long as you don’t take into account the extremely high taxes). Unfortunately there is the other side (isn’t there always).

On a very simple level, forget trying to tell your doctor about medicines you have heard about or want to try or numerous other options. In general you will get the standard medicine/treatment that may or may not be the best on the market as it comes down to how much it costs. I have had a cast removed from my foot and been unable to walk on it and couldn’t go back to sports at all and told therapy is ‘unnecessary’. Privately paid therapy healed the problem. My grandmother got to the point that she had no cartilage in her knees and was in extreme pain, but never received any treatment because she was at the bottom of the list due to being old and not worth the bother. My grandfather had a heart attack was taken to ER and sent home with aspirin. If my parents ever get ill I would pray I have the money to bring them over here and pay for the treatment as it truly is better. There are plenty of good Dr’s etc in England but they are restricted by the system (haven’t asked any if they feel restricted, just an opinion really).

More and more people in the UK look to private health care to supplement the National Health System and a large number of doctors and dentists will have a private health care position to try and make up for the lousy pay they get as an NHS dr. It is either that or they move to the US to make decent money.

I want to be able to choose the type of health care that I have and not be told what I can and can’t do with my money and my health. I would rather pay less in taxes so I am free to take any extra money and when the church I attend says it wants to build a clinic and nurses station for those who legitimately can’t afford health care I can give my money to that. Yes we do need to help the less fortunate (as in the case of Starladesiree's first mentioned friend) and I agree it is our job to do that, but if I had the choice of giving my money to a business that is in debt way over it’s head and still spending like there is no tomorrow I wouldn’t do it, so why would I want to give to the government more than I absolutely have to. It is not that I am not willing to give to help others, I just don’t want my money wasted in an inefficient government scheme.

This isn’t meant to come across as aggressive, unfortunately with this medium you can’t hear people’s tone of voice. Well that’s my 10c worth, well maybe $’s worth.
posted 27 Jul 2009, 14:12
Word Association
posted 21 May 2009, 11:40
Word Association
posted 20 May 2009, 11:34
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