Habit Chicken Salad

cals: 380kcal | fat: 21.50g | carbs: 11.00g | prot: 35.00g
Includes: Habit Burger House Dressing, Habit Burger Grilled Chicken Salad. 
"Grilled Chicken Salad with House Dressing from the Habit"

Poached Egg with dry Toast and Decaf with

cals: 260kcal | fat: 9.00g | carbs: 33.00g | prot: 11.00g
Includes: Organic Free Range Large Brown Eggs, 100% Whole Grain Fiber Bread Multigrain, Organic Almond Milk - Vanilla. 

SanSai Japanese Grill Chicken Breast Bowl

cals: 535kcal | fat: 15.10g | carbs: 57.00g | prot: 39.00g
Includes: SanSai White Rice, SanSai Teriyaki Sauce, Oriental Salad with Dressing, SanSai Grilled Chicken Breast Bowl. 
"SanSai Japanese Grill Chicken Breast Bowl"

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