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25 January 2019
Love all of your awesome foodie shots.
I should snap mine, but I/m always to starving and eat it it before I remember.
Today was epic.Wholegrain roll, seafood sauce, real breast(1/3) crumbed chicken schnitty, salad and because it s Australia Day..beetroot lol
I cut up the other 2/3rd for Jimmy s sate sauce. Onion garlic..marinating in milk. I hear that tenderises it.
FUNNY things I think of.
loving going through my daughter s old clothes. Her glamorous floaty size 10, Was thinking I have a whole big new wardrobe of lovely clothes and I might go on a Cruise....
They reckon people gain 10 pounds..per 7 day cruise.So will round that UP to 5 kilo s.
Love trying on my old clothes from 14 years ago..Jeans are too big! My old work black trousers too big!
Lots of clothes that now fit...with eating room to spare.
LOVE sticking out my tummy as far as it can go and not being able to see it under my chest! no matter how far breathe out.
#TMI when you can take off trousers and shorts without undoing them!!!!!
When Long PJ pants are now floaty Palazzo Pants!
When there s room for a hanky down my bra..
Enjoying looking at my shadow when out for a walk!
Feeling proud when out walking cause I've lost 13 kilo s !
The only thing that I think about our walking is rolling back my t shirt sleeves so my arms are all one colour....
Just about to SMASH 5,000 Calories this week
Smashed 135,000 steps 86.64 kms with the afternoon s walk still to go.
Appreciating sounds of nature and nature when out walking.
Feeling Happy cause all the kangaroo s just watch me now and follow me sometimes.Before they all used to hop away.
Appreciating the beautiful cool breeze. It s funny, usually get a beautiful cool breeze at the top of a hill, and when walking down.
Appreciating when my trusty old 2004 ipod works and I can get to listen to Chris Isaak CATS Sherbet and 10CC . I had ear drama last month..Had them suctioned out and a head MRI it was SO LOUD! anyway...funnily my ipod didn't work for a month after that. Realised it was probably a good thing to wait till my ear s settled down a bit. Now the ipod works and all the sounds are really different and I appreciate to new listening..just quietly.
Now I Have REALLY LOUD Tinnitus..which is so bizarre 24/7
I'm very stressed, so that might explain it.

If I'm wearing black gym pants white tshirt, I stretch out my arms and I think I'm a Pelican.
When I'm wearing my pink shorts I think I'm a Feeling like I can fly!Just about a 24 inch waste...after it being ALOT bigger. and I never measured. Now I can put my joined fingers round my waist..and one more single span.. Feeling like a movie star!
Watching Elvis Presley Frankie and Johnny and loving the costumes by Gwen Wakeling colourful and fantasising about wearing them.
Noticing that the really big ladies in houses on my walk never wave HI. they always seem to go in their house.... They should all come out and just WALK! with me.
So far in my adventures..sadly..I have had to ring the Police about a suspicious lot ot of activity.LOTS of P plater cars just visit for a few minutes at a time.Usually people that have blood on them, sus. looking characters.. always usually different cars, sometimes the same...
Late last week 9pm.There was a tiny little approx.18 month old child on a little dinky out the front on her verge, just wearing a nappy.... that is all. She was turning her dinky around on the road. I called out but there was NO ADULT! The mother came out of the house..busy talking on her phone and thought it was OKAY that her little girl was on the verge and road. It was all but pitch black... The mother went back into the house and I had to call her saying her child was still near the road. Too busy on her phone.It was on a down part of the hill road and on a corner.....
Anyway I saw the General duties police at their house today. Hopefully that will never happen again.
Could not believe it!! That poor little girl not a stitch of clothes on her.
And my next door neighbours. there 3 cars, each time their leave and return in their cars they blow their horn.Which is really loud.More like a truck horn.
They also drive up the road the wrong way for a about 50 metres. We are on a hill and a blind corner. VERY dangerous and I have seen several near misses involving children on bikes and other cars. VERY dangerous.I always worried about someone getting hurt. The same General Duties police car turned into my street as I was on my walk hopefully they will drive on the right side of the road and stop blasting their horn. A little while after I moved here the woman next door came over (first time I ever met her) and accused me of writing a nasty note to her in red crayon-telling them to be quiet etc etc//..Which I never did.I had never heard of such language being spoken to me.
Very stressful to report these things..but you got to do what you got to do...
If people would just do the RIGHT THING...
Anyway thanks for listening!
posted 26 Jan 2019, 04:35
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