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05 July 2008

Today was a symbolic day for me.

Today I passed my Michigan Drivers Test. Not a big deal for almost everyone and not such a big sounding deal considering I have been driving on and off since 1988.

But today I achieved a symbol of freedom. When I arrived in Michigan the weather wasn't the best so I delayed getting my licence. When I decided to apply I discovered that Michigan had banned everyone but American citizens and Green card holders from obtaining a licence.

This meant that I was not allowed to drive. I had to stay cooped up at home and rely on my husband to run errands, get groceries, anything. Six whole months of not leaving my home unless my hubby was willing to take me out. The reason why I probably gained all my weight.

This is how I got my name caged liberty. I felt that my rights were being caged by such discrimination.

I went through so much screening and processing just to get a visa to get into the country. I have lived here since 1992 and have not so much as had a speeding ticket or fine.

I joined a campaign group to fight the discrimination against law abiding legal immigrants such as myself. I dont know how much, if any impact my telephone calls to the Governor of Michigan or the Secretary of State had but the law was changed. I would like to believe that I played a part in that turnaround.

Never take your liberties for granted because even something as simple as driving can become a privilege for the chosen few.

So today I received acknowledgment that fighting for your rights is important and it can work. Today, I dont feel so caged anymore and I am ready to start soaring in the skies of liberty.
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04 July 2008

Thought I would record my weight as of this I have completely ripped my diet apart since then and probably will continue to do so over the weekend. I did manage to wipe off the extra pound gain from last week, but will probably end up working to knock off all the extras from this weekend.

I was really hoping to reach my target of 135 in the next two or three weeks but I guess it will take a little longer.

I am satisfied with my progress to date I will just accept that my journey will take longer than I had hoped but is a journey I will reach eventually no matter what obstacles are presented. I will not let guilt get in the way of living because being able to enjoy food is part of life, otherwise, whats the point of eating?

I am in this for the long run and the bright side of this is that the longer it takes, the more contact I will have with all my wonderful FS buddies. (Not planning to leave the site, but will have less to talk about I think-if that is possible!!)

To all Americans-HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!

To the rest-HAPPY WEEKEND!!
Weigh-in: 140.2 lb lost so far: 7.8 lb still to go: 5.2 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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02 July 2008

For the past couple of days I have been 'observing' my body and thinking back to when I first noticed differences.

I remember in 1992, I had recently moved to Connecticut as a newlywed. My friend and I came across a weighing scale, so we weighed ourselves. The weight came back 140lbs, whilst my friends was something like 119lbs. She and I were the same height so I was a bit put off. But when I calculated that at 10 stones, I felt so heavy. I had fluctuated between 126lbs (9 stones) and 133lbs (9.5 stones) most of my life so that was a shock and embarrassment for me.

Then one day whilst sitting down watching the beguiling American cable, I discovered ESPN. There was a show called Bodies in Motion which was recorded with a Hawaiian background and the music was the beats of drums. The first day, I just tapped my feet along with the beat. Second day, just for a laugh, I got up and mimicked the motions.Eventually, I started trying to keep up. Initially, every time there was a high cardio move, I just stepped in place but eventually I began to kick ass! That went onto also doing the next show Denise Austins workout. So I ended up working out an hour every day.

The discovery came when I passed my hand across my hips and felt something protruding. I thought I had a bump from hurting myself and then I realized..IT WAS MY HIPBONE! I never knew it existed because I had never seen it before. It was such a profound discovery and impacted me deeply that I could lose weight and I had a beautiful body underneath all that blubber.

I weighed in with the doctor when I was 3 months pregnant to discover I weighed 116lbs-the lowest ever in my life!

My next discovery was in 2002. By this time, I had reached California, the land of skinny hot babes. I sweated my butt off daily just to get fit. First I got into a size 4 dress, which I could never have imagined myself to be. But more amazing to me..was the hollywood shoulders I had developed. When you see hollywood scarlets, their collarbones are very prominent around the neck and they have these collar bones popping up at the edge of their shoulders. Their breast bones are well...all breast bones. That is what I had too!!!

So now again, my hipbones are starting to protrude (when I am laying down anyway!) and my collarbone/breastbones are also becoming prominent.

I sometimes think that if we used a potato peeler and peeled away at a pear, we would be taking off equally from the upper and lower body but it would always appear that the bottom half is bigger because there is so much more mass there. I guess its the same with my figure. I am losing at the top and the bottom but there is SOOOO much at the bottom-now I know what they mean by bottomless was referring to my backside...its just bottomless because it keeps going and going and going!!!

But my dieting journey must continue and I have no desire to return to being a size 4, I just want to be the healthiest I can be.
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01 July 2008

Just thought I would add a few new low carb products I have recently discovered.

If you like your Caesars salad and miss the croutons, T. Marzetti has a 2carb crouton product. Its a little harder to crunch through than regular croutons but didnt taste too bad. I got a garlic and butter flavor and am not sure if there are any other flavors as this was all I found in Krogers. (2tbsp = 2 carbs)

Spectrum salad dressings have a variety of flavors that contain omega 3. The source of omega 3 is flax seed oil and the taste has remanants of the flaxseed oil. If you dont mind the taste you may like this dressing. I had the creamy garlic ranch dressing and a smoked chipotle and pomegrante dressing. I wasnt too impressed with either flavor because of the flaxseed oil taste but it may appeal to other people. (It isnt a very pronounced taste, more of a touch of the flaxseed flavor). (2 tbsp=1 carb..I think!)

Russell Stover has these delectable sugar free dark chocolate with rasberry cream filling squares. Its all sugar alcohol and I have been treating myself each day with one square. So far, no issues with it. The company has also got some other flavors though I cant remember what. (1 square= 0 carbs?)

La Tortilla has a variety of low carb tortilla wraps. Today I tried the garlic and herb flavor with some chicken patties and it tasted fine.

I wish I could say that there was a low carb product out there to die for but all the foods are simply acceptable in taste, with the exception of the Russell Stover chocs.

Some other wonder what to eat them with, for example the 1 carb tomato ketchup by Heinz or the low carb spinach dip.
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30 June 2008

Just returned from a vacation. I didnt go anywhere but I did have a break from my dieting. It was Son still feels like its broken legs birthday on Friday and though we didnt have a party, he had a friend come around so I ordered pizza. I didnt have to and my son didnt care if I partook of his pizza..but I thought I might as well join the nonparty anyway.

Discovered that pizza doesnt do it for me anymore. Stromboli was another issue though. Took a couple of slices of that and enjoyed it. Gained a pound the next day (141.8lb).

We had decided to have a celebatory meal on Saturday to make up for not being able to celebrate. However, there was a bit of a problem because Son still feels like its broken leg was in a lot of pain and his foot was still swollen so he didnt want to go out.

Still went out to Olive Garden for Italian food. I felt I made good choices choosing eggplant parmigiana instead of pasta. Had the salad first but still took some garlic bread and a bit of daughters 4 cheese ravioli.

Sunday I ate the left overs from the night before.

Total weight gain upto day..1lb. Not bad at all! Back to diet today and hopefully will knock the numbers back down by the end of this week.
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