apple with almond butter

cals: 234kcal | fat: 16.18g | carbs: 19.29g | prot: 6.27g
Includes: apple, almond butter. 

Carrots with jalapeno hummus

cals: 110kcal | fat: 5.29g | carbs: 14.69g | prot: 2.13g
Includes: carrots, sabra jalapeno hummus. 
"Sabra jalapeno hummus and sliced carrots. "

Cofee with milk and agave

cals: 99kcal | fat: 2.03g | carbs: 18.85g | prot: 2.24g
Includes: coffee, agave, milk. 
"Self explanatory"

PB & J whole wheat white

cals: 397kcal | fat: 15.00g | carbs: 57.25g | prot: 13.25g
Includes: polaner, jif natural, arnold whole grain. 
"Arnold whole grain white bread, jif natural, strawberry polaner all fruit. "

Scrambled eggs

cals: 185kcal | fat: 14.53g | carbs: 1.32g | prot: 11.55g
Includes: eggs, kate's butter, half and half. 
"Basic eggs. "

Smoothie with 0% yogurt, full fat milk and flax/nut mix

cals: 472kcal | fat: 17.88g | carbs: 57.99g | prot: 28.03g
Includes: milk, total greek yogurt, 0%, organic frozen raspberries, Flax & Company, chocolate (flax, nuts & seeds). 
"Fruit, yogurt, milk and my flax/nut/seed/chocolate mixture. "