2% total yogurt with chocolate flax seed mix

cals: 142kcal | fat: 8.50g | carbs: 7.80g | prot: 11.40g
Includes: yogurt total, flax mix. 

Amazing Greens chocolate shake

cals: 213kcal | fat: 4.29g | carbs: 30.09g | prot: 11.52g
Includes: blueberries, amazing greens, chocolate, almond milk. 
"date sugar, mix, blubes"

Amazing meal smothie: original + cocoa + dates

cals: 383kcal | fat: 6.52g | carbs: 73.53g | prot: 15.69g
Includes: raspberries, strawberries, organic unsweetened almond milk, vanilla, medjool dates, Amazing Meal, original, Cocoa, dutch-process, high fat (plain cocoa, no sugar). 
"Amazing meal supplement, with fruit, dates and cocoa. "

Cofee with milk and agave

cals: 99kcal | fat: 2.03g | carbs: 18.85g | prot: 2.24g
Includes: coffee, agave, milk. 
"Self explanatory"

GoooOOO Greens Smoothie

cals: 356kcal | fat: 8.71g | carbs: 71.14g | prot: 6.97g
Includes: kiwi, avacado, banana, pineapple, coconut water, baby spinach (1.5 cups). 
"Greens & fruit: together at last. "

savory steel cut oats w coconut

cals: 214kcal | fat: 6.74g | carbs: 28.48g | prot: 6.66g
Includes: tamari, olive oil, steel cut oats, scallions, unsweetened coconut. 

Scrambled eggs

cals: 185kcal | fat: 14.53g | carbs: 1.32g | prot: 11.55g
Includes: eggs, kate's butter, half and half. 
"Basic eggs. "

Smoothie with 0% yogurt, full fat milk and flax/nut mix

cals: 472kcal | fat: 17.88g | carbs: 57.99g | prot: 28.03g
Includes: Flax & Company, chocolate (flax, nuts & seeds), total greek yogurt, 0%, organic frozen raspberries, milk. 
"Fruit, yogurt, milk and my flax/nut/seed/chocolate mixture. "

steel cut oats w milk and maple syrup

cals: 197kcal | fat: 3.23g | carbs: 33.30g | prot: 6.01g
Includes: milk, steel cut oatmeal, maple syrup. 

Steel Cut Oats with apples and milk

cals: 139kcal | fat: 2.49g | carbs: 25.33g | prot: 6.60g
Includes: 1% Fat Milk, apple, steel cut oats. 
"Steel cut or irish oatmeal cooked with thinly sliced apples and cinnamon, topped with cold milk. "

Yogurt n Honey

cals: 129kcal | fat: 2.00g | carbs: 21.30g | prot: 8.56g
Includes: honey, Total 2% Greek Srained Yogurt. 
"Half cup of greek 2% yogurt with honey. "