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Weight History

Start Weight
172.0 lb
Lost so far: 5.4 lb

Current Weight
166.6 lb
Performance: losing 4.8 lb a week

Goal Weight
145.0 lb
Still to go: 21.6 lb
I consider my "normal" to be 145 lbs. That's where I was in my 20s (before & after the birth of my first child). However, a job promotion changed that; more time behind a desk meant a gain of 50+ over the years, mainly because I didn't change my sedentary lifestyle or fast/junk food habit.

Throughout my 30s, I maintained a weight of 200...wore sizes 16 to 18W ...and accepted obesity as part of the aging process. (Stupid, I know!)

In January of 2011, my "acceptance" changed when two relatives were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Another had heart surgery. They all ate a lot healthier than I did. I needed to change, so I did. I became a low-carber.

Heaviest Weight: 203 in 2007
Beginning Weight: 200 - Started 01/11/11
1st Goal Weight: 189 - Achieved 01/22/11
2nd Goal Weight: 175 - Achieved 03/15/11 (HALF WAY THERE!)
3rd Goal Weight: 169 - Achieved 03/21/11
4th Goal Weight: 159 - Achieved 05/29/11
Original Goal Wt: 150 - Achieved 08/23/11
New Goal Weight : 145 - Achieved 09/18/11 (DONE! Now, to stay there!)

12/22/11 - WEIGHT MAINTENANCE ON HOLD. I'm 4 months pregnant!
05/19/12 - Second child born.
2013 - Weight Loss Plan again underway...
1st Goal Weight: 160s -
2nd Goal Weight: 150s -
Final Goal Weight: 140s -

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last weighin: gaining 0.3 lb a week Up
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Atkins makes me feel good!

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Up Close - Before and After a Loss of Only 15 lbs.
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Atkins Lifestyle

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cals: 133kcal | fat: 12.61g | carbs: 8.26g | prot: 2.87g
Nut Meal Brownies
A rich brownie recipe that is low carb, high fiber and kid tested.
cals: 243kcal | fat: 13.77g | carbs: 13.57g | prot: 24.19g
Spicy Lemon Tilapia
A quick and easy tilapia dish that's very filling.
cals: 204kcal | fat: 14.64g | carbs: 6.68g | prot: 12.24g
Balsamic & Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower
A yummy side dish or meal.
cals: 164kcal | fat: 9.00g | carbs: 0.69g | prot: 20.03g
Chicken Burgers
A lower fat alternative to hamburgers, with next to no carbs.
cals: 422kcal | fat: 40.45g | carbs: 4.99g | prot: 8.76g
Cheesecake for One
A favorite super quick cheesecake that is perfect for dessert.
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Hello Again
Hi. Only advice I can give is what inspired me to lose 53 pounds since January 11th of this year. When I complained that I didn't think I could do a "diet" that excluded so many foods I ate regularly, I was told to "Stop dwelling on the foods you can't have, and start seeing all of the foods you can enjoy." I began a low-carb life style right then...started looking for and finding low-carb alternatives to all of my favorite foods, started reading nutrition labels, recording what I ate, and watched my portions. I don't consider myself on a "diet" (even though I selected Atkins as my diet of choice here on FatSecret, because it closely resembles what I am doing, and I started there by researching what it was all about). I figure I've always been "on a diet"... It was just a bad one, so I made a change and chose to follow a healthier diet plan or rather a healthier "eating" plan. And it's really worked for me. In addition to that decision, I also became a more active person. No gym membership or anything like that. I don't get up at the crack of dawn to go jogging. But I do stay much more active than I ever did before. Over 10 years ago, I gained because of the eating choices I made and my sedentary lifestyle. I stayed at 200 lbs (& size 16 to 18W) throughout my 30s because I did nothing about it. I'm now 147 and a size 6 because I made the decision to change, to pay attention, and to get up and move. You can too if you really want to bad enough. Smile
posted 17 Sep 2011, 01:07
Stupid Scale!
Two things:

(1) Have you measured? If your clothes still fit at 148 like they did at 140, I wouldn't let the scale bother you at all. Just keep eating healthy and exercising and your body will do what it does best...settle into a healthy weight that's just right for you at your age and fitness level.
(2) I admire your dedication to stay the course regardless of the fluctuations or seeming bounce that hasn't yet reversed course to your satisfaction.

To krystynecar: I hope you do eat grains again. They are as much a part of a good balanced diet as anything else on the edible menu. I just reached my original goal and am within sight of my "new" goal, and even being on Atkins since January, I haven't cut out grains totally. Fiber is too important for the body. Just this morning I had Kellogg's Fiber Plus Cereal (16g of whole grain) with low carb milk. It's really good, so there are low carb alternatives in the "grain" food group. Smile You should try it.
posted 30 Aug 2011, 13:36
Has anyone actually NOT stalled on Atkins bars?
Thanks JEN. Gotta love acronyms. LOL
posted 09 Aug 2011, 09:41
Weight vs Measurements
I agree that tracking inches can help during times when the scale numerals aren't budging, but sometimes the reverse happens, too... So I recommend doing both, and just realizing that there are times when a person's body must "stall" as it adjusts to the changes in diet & exercise. (The Atkins documentation claims that a person can lose up to 15 lbs in the first two weeks. I can't speak to what is "average" during Induction, but I can say that I lost 13 lbs during my Induction phase back in January.)
posted 29 Jul 2011, 07:44
Has anyone actually NOT stalled on Atkins bars?
MIM? Is that short for something?
posted 07 Jul 2011, 07:19
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