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29 March 2020

29 March 2020

28 March 2020

Weigh-in: 381.8 lb lost so far: 60.2 lb still to go: 201.8 lb Diet followed poorly
   (10 comments) losing 2.0 lb a week

25 March 2020

Today is day 7 of 58 of my journaling to self-discovery. Today's prompt is: What are you currently struggling with? Well, honestly I'm struggling with food. I'm stressed and when that happens I want to binge. I have managed not to binge so far, so I'm fighting it the best I can. I have been sticking to the higher end of my calories tho. I'm scared I won't see a loss this week, not only due to my food but because of my back problems keeping me down for a few days this week. I'm feeling better somewhat tho, about 90%.

On to my day today. Other than already eating 1000 calories and still have dinner to go my day has been good. DH and I took our girls (fur-babies) for a walk, only one other car was there and honestly, they could have been anywhere, this park is a nature/walk/hike/fish park with outdoor workout equipment. Never seen them the entire time we were there so I'm sure they were hiking or mountain biking. When leaving a couple pulled in with fishing poles. I feel blessed to have a park like this within a 10-minute drive of me. At least this way I can get in some walking/hiking. I hope everyone had a wonderfully blessed day as always, and of course, I will keep you all in my prayers! One day at a time we will overcome this! Picture from the park, it has been raining every day here, so we took advantage of the break in the weather today!

24 March 2020

Today is day 6 of 58 of my journaling to self-discovery. Today's prompt is: What thoughts can you think to support the emotions you want to feel? This one goes along with yesterday's journal. Which again is an easy one. I said I wanted to feel safe again. Of course, we all do. It's pretty easy to guess what my thoughts are behind this. I want to have a safe virus free world, which I know is not possible. We have way too many hanging around. But at least I would like to see an end to covid-19. I hope after all this is over with the world will be nicer to each other. We now see that we should have been all along.

My day so far has been alright. I have no energy. My back is slowly getting better, and I want to clean the house but at the same time like I said no energy. We have not been anywhere which is what I want to do. The house is not bad, just getting messy some. It would not take an hour to do, but no energy to do it. Making a small pot of coffee and hopefully, that perks me up some to clean. I hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed day and as always you are in my prayers!

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