Moe's Close Talker

cals: 361kcal | fat: 18.24g | carbs: 15.57g | prot: 35.37g
Includes: black olives, tea, guacamole, cucumbers, salsa, lettuce, chicken, cheese, splenda. 
"Salad with chicken"

Cereal Breakfast -SBD

cals: 213kcal | fat: 2.53g | carbs: 42.69g | prot: 9.69g
Includes: strawberry cereal, splenda, skim milk. 

Chef Salad Lunch

cals: 105kcal | fat: 3.93g | carbs: 8.12g | prot: 10.84g
Includes: lite ranch, lettuce, grape tomatoes, shaved ham, red bell pepper. 
"mixed green salad with ham"

Chili's Salmon -guiltless grill

cals: 468kcal | fat: 19.68g | carbs: 30.24g | prot: 42.18g
Includes: salmon, black beans, olive oil. 

Egg McMuffin At Home

cals: 394kcal | fat: 18.47g | carbs: 30.95g | prot: 23.62g
Includes: turkey bacon, 2% Milk Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, coffee, splenda, EB Egg, skim milk, reduced fat mayo, whole wheat english muffin. 
"Spin off of the original"

English Muffin Sandwich

cals: 260kcal | fat: 9.50g | carbs: 25.00g | prot: 19.00g
Includes: english muffin, mayo, shaved ham, Reduced Fat Provolone Cheese. 
"Ham and cheese on whole wheat english muffin warmed in the microwave."

Ham Sandwich Lunch

cals: 284kcal | fat: 13.15g | carbs: 26.32g | prot: 23.90g
Includes: whole wheat bread, shaved ham, tomatoes, kraft ranch, kraft cheese slice, mayo. 
"Sandwich and cherry tomatoes with ranch"

Ice Cream Dream

cals: 209kcal | fat: 5.78g | carbs: 37.25g | prot: 3.73g
Includes: blueberries, strawberries, Sugar Free Caramel Topping, banana, Lite, NSA ice cream, lite cool whip, cherries. 
"Lite, no sugar added ice cream with fruit and sugar free syrup."

Jason's Deli Salad Bar Meal

cals: 395kcal | fat: 26.89g | carbs: 27.41g | prot: 17.80g
Includes: lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, egg, cauliflower, broccoli, ranch, broccoli cheese soup, Organic Flatbread, tea, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, feta , mushrooms, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, splenda. 
"Salad bar with soup"

Mixed fruit

cals: 57kcal | fat: 0.23g | carbs: 14.75g | prot: 0.65g
Includes: apple, grapes, strawberries. 
"Mixed fresh fruit"

Pei Wei Veggie and Rice Bowl

cals: 370kcal | fat: 2.98g | carbs: 57.91g | prot: 27.27g
Includes: brown rice, chicken, teriyaki sauce, sugar snap peas, broccoli, bok choy, carrots, spinach. 
"Teriyaki chicken, brown rice and veggies"

Pizza Wrap

cals: 160kcal | fat: 5.75g | carbs: 16.50g | prot: 11.50g
Includes: pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese , low carb tortilla. 
"Whole wheat wrap with pizza sauce."

Weekend Breakfast 1

cals: 258kcal | fat: 14.20g | carbs: 8.36g | prot: 19.13g
Includes: splenda, coffee, EB Egg, cheese, sargento, skim milk, salsa. 
"egg breakfast"

Workday Breakfast 1

cals: 168kcal | fat: 5.14g | carbs: 20.16g | prot: 11.53g
Includes: splenda, coffee, water, Cereal Bar - Cinnamon Raisin, skim milk. 
"cereal bar breakfast"

Workday Breakfast 2

cals: 282kcal | fat: 9.14g | carbs: 39.78g | prot: 20.35g
Includes: coffee, SBD bar -Cinnamon Creme, Splenda, fat free half and half, international delight creamer. 
"Quick breakfast with coffee and SBD bar"

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