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14 June 2021

So the past week consisted of me eating pretty much high carb foods and a lollipop to top it all of but within my calorie limit for the day...Even reached my calories for the week. I am proud of the fact that the only sources of added sugar that I am consciously aware of are yogueta lollipops ( just one a day) and not more than a teaspoon of sugar everytime I have tea(I never thought this would be me..I used to put in 3 spoons!)

Anyway this week is shark week and so last week makes perfect sense. What I'm aiming for this week is all my cravings in moderation. Plenty of conscious water intake and my consistent 5 days of working out, even if it's one of my 10 minute workouts(That's okay). Looking to do more strength focused training later in the week and to start of the upcoming week.

Took some measurements start of June...Will take some end of June to see how much progress has been made.

P.S I don't own a scale so measurements are the way to go.😊

10 June 2021

08 June 2021

05 June 2021

03 June 2021

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