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10 July 2021

03 July 2021

So real talk,

Transitioning from losing weight to toning up/gaining lean muscle has to be one of the most challenging things ever. Firstly, your diet( going from a caloric deficit to a surplus), atleast I have to because I was on 1200 Cal's per day. Secondly seeing some weight gains and realising because of strength training and how much your muscles have to repair, there is at times water retention or atleast for me. Lastly having to deal with the natural bloating and weight gain during the two weeks before shark week and during it. Phew , it's a lot and I honestly don't know when I got to this place where seeing a gain is not the end of the world. I used to beat myself up a lot , I wasn't very balanced with my exercising, either did too much or too little, had no real balance between cardio and strength but I finally have a balance and still there are days where it feels like I'm progressing backwards. Oh my goodness, I'm at peace with gaining weight sometimes because I understand the process now. It isn't always easy and it can feel so isolating especially when those around you are naturally leaner or inclined to not really caring that much or in my case one of my parents used to care too much alas, I am growing and I'm grateful 🌻

A happy weekend to everyone. (Needed to vent, thanks for reading😊)

02 July 2021

01 July 2021

30 June 2021

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