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Hey, Guys! I will keep this as short as possible...I'm 28 and I was in the Army 5 yrs and used to be in good shape. I got out in 2004 and on Dec 12, 2006 I almost died of a tubal pregnancy. Paramedics, doctors, and nurses saved my life, took my right tube, and pumped 4 bags of donated blood into me (God bless you blood donors! No really, I seriously appreciate YOU keeping me alive! If I knew who you were I'd be forever in your service!) and I was in intensive care trying to recover from being so close to death. I lost a lot of weight in the hospital (I was fine b4 I went in) and after I got out and started feeling normal...I gained extra pounds. The Tomb Raider Lara Croft pic of me was taken OCT 31 2006, right before my hospital bout. I now am 1.5 sizes bigger and I don't feel healthy at all. We've moved most of our eating habits to SBD but man it's hard when you have kids who want snack foods for school that aren't cheese sticks. Blast. Oh, and BTW, I just re-joined the Army National Guard as a Broadcast Journalist and if I don't pass my PT test I will be moved to a different job...and I don't want that! I really want to be a journalist! We'll see what happens! :D (PS: My PT test minimum standards are 45 situps in 2 minutes, 17 push ups in 2 min, and 2 mile run in 20:30....the run and sit ups are what I'm concerned about)

I'm also a sales manager of 13 people, mom of 2, wife to an Army recruiter, serve on 2 city boards in Maricopa, AZ, am a drilling reservist, and am in the middle of my first MBA class. woohoo.

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Sex after Weight Gain, Men and Ladies invited to Discussion :)
I guess I'm a little late in this conversation b/c I've been out of the loop tryin' ta go to IRAQ! But I totally have some ideas for you! BTW, I didn't read everyone else's for lack of time but I'm gonna give you my input anyways. Smile

I totally have thought about this very subject a lot. I have never been completely ashamed of my body, only my stomach every now and again. And going without $ex....NEVER, Girl! I have found that the more other guys hit on me, look at me, and are attracted to me the more turned on I am and the more my husband benefits.

Honestly, he knows this fact and as long as I don't sleep with them, he's good with it. It's natural. And I have also found that the more excercise I do, whether I still weigh 156-158, I feel HOT AS HELL!

Seriously, when you exercise, you create endorphins in your body and those endorphins make you feel good. And one of my key life philosophies is to always feel happy and positive no matter what. Life is just so much frickin' better and way more fun when you focus on creating positive energy around yourself.

Anyhow, another thing I noticed is that when I am a "stay at home mom" or in other words, don't get out in the work force, I don't get hit on nearly enough! It's terrible! I have to purposefully go out, get dressed up, just so I can see that guys want me. Seriously, I've read a lot about it in psychology and that's all girls want, to be wanted. All guys want is to have $ex.

So, when you aren't feeling hot, do what I do:

JOIN A GYM (make sure there's both males and females there, don't join a female one, it's not gonna help in this area AT ALL....no offense to the female gym members/owners, but that's not what she needs, she needs MEN gawking at her hot body as she works out)

GO TO WORK LOOKING HOT (or a work environment where people have to interact with you...maybe your husband's work)

ALWAYS DRESS TO IMPRESS (You will feel SOOO much better about yourself! Guys will want you and make it visibly known and girls that didn't care to fix their hair or makeup will feel inadequate...and most importantly, YOU WILL FEEL LIKE A QUEEN, LIKE YOU OWN THE PLACE)

And I'm telling you, if you start doing these things, you will feel lusted after and in shape, both of which will turn YOU on and give you confidence.

And if you don't, you will drive your husband to seek sexual satisfaction somewhere else. They LOVE sex with the lights on! Everyone is attracted to a happy, bouncy person whether they want to be or not. Happy, confident people make us feel good. And one of my college professors brought up the point that we all put our best foot forward for strangers and people at work, then when we get home we don't try very hard. This can't happen. At home you have to be positive, happy, and aim to please your family. It will lead to a much happier home life for everyone.

Anyhow, hopefully these ideas will help you. Seriously, this is exactly what I do. Whether I'm size 8 or size 10, I feel like a million bucks! OMG, even when I was pregnant in the Army, I had guys come up to my stomach and rub it and say things like, "How's my baby doin' today? Are we gonna have him soon?" Ohmygosh, these other men made me feel like a million bucks even when I was pregnant! They pretty much wanted me so bad they would refer to my husband's baby as theirs. I'm telling you, the keys are daily exercise and OTHER MEN in your life!

Good luck! Wink


posted 15 Jan 2008, 10:31
Need some help.. Few Questions
Yeah, my parents get crazy angry when they get hungry and I never understood it. It's awesome that you're mastering control over your eating habits now though, so you don't let your hunger have complete control over you. As far as running out of things to eat, I found that keeping yourself busy and out of the house is the best remedy. The busier you are, the less you need to worry about eating. That's why so many people at a busy office don't ever take lunch, get up to refill their water bottles, etc, they just stay at their desk because they have so much to do. I found that while I'm on vacation or the weekend is here, I have to keep myself maddeningly busy in order to not think about food. But all of it is planning. In advance I have to plan to go biking the next day, go on a picnic, go on a walk, go hiking, go shopping, go to a friend's house, re-organize a certain room, etc. So my advice: STAY BUSY and you won't think about food. Serious, it works! Good luck! Very Happy
posted 01 Jan 2008, 16:10
Starting tomorrow~any advise?
Let me just say WELCOME! And then let me just say You're off to a GREAT start naming yourself "SkinnyMom." That's like the best name EVER!! Very Happy
posted 31 Dec 2007, 18:36
Any ideas for SB Phase 1 New Years menu??
Hey, CND! Smile

I actually have 4 REALLY good tested and true recipes (not all Phase 1) that I want to share with everyone. I've cooked them a lot when entertaining for company and everyone is always impressed and loves the food.

For you, CND, you can try SB Baked BBQ Chicken. This is soooo good! You make the BBQ sauce yourself out of simple things like tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, ground mustard, etc. It is REALLY GOOD, REALLY EASY, and FAST to make. I will put these recipes on my site. Smile

Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Spinach and Goat Cheese(and smothered in green pesto). (Phase 1 and REALLY GOOD!)

Southwestern Chicken baked in Foil:
Chicken breats stuffed with mozzerella and sun-dried tomatoes on a mountain of black Beans, cilantro, olive oil, and red Onion. (Phase 1 and REALLY good!)

Chicken Pot Pie (Phase 3)....mmmm, good

I recommend EVERYONE try these recipes....they rock!

posted 31 Dec 2007, 15:28
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