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I'm 30 years old and have been over weight my whole life. It's been a struggle, and sometimes seems like a total losing battle, but I am still trying to lose weight, and haven't given up yet.

One step at a time is the only way to go

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Low Carb High Fat Shout-Out
One thing that I tell people to watch out for is to not get sucked into the "fad" of being low carb high fat. For instance, I am trying not to be sucked into the "fad" of being gluten free, meaning I don't go out of my way to replaced gluten products with gluten free versions, such as bread or cake mixes. The replacement products are often worse for you than the real thing.

I was looking at the ingredients labels of several "low carb" bars, and what was their main ingredient? Soy. (Which is worse for you than the wheat.) Plus a load of things I didn't immediately recognize.

I don't do meal replacers, protein drinks, frozen dinners, or anything that involves buying it in a box or plastic bag. If it's not fresh or frozen from fresh, or dried with no added ingredients, I don't eat it.

In other words: Eat Real Food.

Leave out the labeled foods, and you'll better your health almost immediately. (About the only thing that should be labeled is real cheese, and it should read something like "milk, salt, rennet, culture".)
posted 23 Aug 2013, 21:22
Low Carb High Fat Shout-Out
I just saw the movie Fat Head Yesterday, and it was great. I recommend it to anyone looking at a low carb lifestyle. It's free on youtube now.

I also follow a variety of low carb and paleo/primal blogs online, so there's tons of great info out there about the lifestyle.
posted 31 Jul 2013, 16:41
Low Carb High Fat Shout-Out
I eat mainly organic fruit and veg, which I've either grown myself (easier to care for the soil, in order to ensure good nutrients in the vegetables) or from local sources that have similar practices. If I lived in the US still, there's no doubt I'd be severely malnourished... but Tasmania has a higher quality of food which has done me great good.

In fact I kind of dread visiting home, because it means I have to dodge the bad food, and find the good food among all the crap.

It is possible to get your nutrition from your food (provided it's raised properly). I have managed to raise my iron levels just by eating dark leafy greens and meat (as tested by the blood bank hemoglobin sensors.) So all this good food must be helping in some way.

I will check out chelated magnesium. Smile I think a friend of mine takes it.
posted 28 Jul 2013, 17:33
Low Carb High Fat Shout-Out
Thanks for the input on sodium, magnesium and potassium! I suspected that I was low on magnesium when I started getting "mini-cramps" (not quite a full on muscle cramp, but noticeable enough to make me stretch it out). I have been using Himalayan pink salt as my chosen salt, but need to get magnesium and potassium in more. I'm probably not getting it as well as I could via my food if I'm very low (I usually eat for a balance of vitamins and minerals, in order to keep supplements to a minimum).
posted 27 Jul 2013, 19:00
Low Carb High Fat Shout-Out
That's right, lol, haters will be ridiculed! Comment at your own risk. Wink
posted 25 Jul 2013, 17:12
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22 July 2018

Weighed in at 167.5kg this morning. Woot! First 10kg goal met, and 11.5kg (25lb) lost! Next goal: 159kg! Bring it on!

16 July 2018

Okay! I've gone off the rails quite a bit, so I think it's time to crack down and get onto Round 2 of the Whole 30. I had started to do it, but fell off ...

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