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24 January 2022

I managed to hit my protein target only one day last week, and I went WAAAYYY over on overall calories & carbs that day. I may need to rethink my protein target, or start having 2 protein shakes per day to keep the calories & carbs in check. Well of course I ate out several times over the weekend, which doesn't help much. This week I'll be trying to dial in on the carb & calorie counts, getting them both down (or at least MORE down, LOL!). I've been doing well with exercise at least, made it to the gym for some heavier weight lifting Saturday & even got my hubby to come along. He spent his time on the rowers & ab machines. I've been thinking about what the bikini competitors eat, & it seems they usually eat the same things over & over. I may need to do that, draft up a menu of about 4-6 things that I cook for dinner, also re-evaluate my lunches. The salads I love just don't have any protein & won't help meet that target. Plus, salad dressing. I'm probably kidding myself about the calories in that, since lemon-poppyseed dressing likely has lots of sugar in it. But it's SO GOOD!!! Anyway, tonight will be cardio & pilates, and back to the gym tomorrow (unless it's just too cold outside1).

19 January 2022

Back at it after a Covid scare. Two co-workers tested positive & I had a pretty bad headache all weekend, but yesterday I tested negative - PHEW!!! Anyway, call me crazy but hear me out - I increased my calorie allowance from 1400 to 1500. The reason is, I'm trying to adjust macros & increase protein consumption to about 124 grams. Yeah, that's a LOT, & would really be hard to do that at the 1300 - 1400 calorie level. Plus, I analyzed a week's worth of tracking & found I was going over 1400 anyway. Still trying to do some body recomposition, right now focusing on cutting body fat. To that end I (probably stupidly) decided to try this non-caffinated fat burner. Yeah I know, put a wrapper around my head & call me a sucker.... Hopefully it will do me a LITTLE bit of good, and I am planning to increase exercise minutes. I'll just keep trying 'til I get it right!

13 January 2022

Tuesday I said I couldn't stop eating chocolate; yesterday I did better in that area but I couldn't seem to drink enough water. I was SO THIRSTY! I have this huge insulated tumbler on my desk, and I refilled it about 5 times! Surprisingly, I went over on calories yesterday by a considerable amount, but am down about 1/4 lb. Still trying to find that good spot of enough calories for weight loss, I still think 1400 is good but I don't know. I got in about 35 minutes on the treadclimber, but I also made it a point to get in some walking at work. I even went outside for about a 10 minute walk. I don't really count steps, I tend to count minutes instead. I have a step-tracker that I thought I might start wearing, but it doesn't seem to be working anymore. Oh well, don't really need one to walk, do you? This morning I read about Chris Hemsworth of Thor fame switching to a bodyweight workout, so I think I might give that one a shot tonight. Lots of planks in this. I've been doing pretty well on my New Year's resolution to "lift 3X a week," even if it's mostly been dumbbells at home. I'll get back to the gym eventually, still want to lift heavier but I can do a bodyweight workout at home while watching TV. Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes.

12 January 2022

10 January 2022

So I didn't track calories over the weekend (as usual), but the weight is about where it was a week ago. Did manage to do some workout with dumbbells at home Saturday & got in 4 miles on my treadmill Sunday. It was too cold & windy to go out, not sure why I missed the gym Saturday but oh well. The muscle spasms seemed to have worked out, so will try for the gym again this week. I've done pretty well on the low GI diet so far, think my husband has too & he's down about 5 lbs already. I'd LOVE to be down 5 lbs, still wondering why I put on weight last year when I don't think anything has changed as far as diet & exercise.

Today was the 1st day of my last semester as an Exercise Science major, & I went over the syllabus for the Capstone. There are 2 options for research, OR I could take a Personal Trainer certification exam instead. Kind of got mixed feelings about this. On the plus side, it's less research & I'd possibly be more employable. On the minus, the certification fees aren't covered by my class, I have to pay for that separately (I've got the money to cover this, so that's not a problem). Plus I've already got 2 other certifications in Pilates & Group Exercise, so I'm not sure I need a third one. Anyone out there either a PT or GFI? Any thoughts on this?

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