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22 October 2020

And now for today's rant. Feeling both depressed & frustrated with my weight & everything else going on. The scale's been down-up-down-up-down-up; I seriously don't know what I weigh anymore. So sick of the yo-yo weight, GRRR!!! Back's still bothering me, too, though it's a little better today. I think in my last post I said I'd give Zumba a try; I thought it was fun but my back didn't care for it at all. I guess I'll stick with Pilates for a while longer, hopefully will get back to strength training soon.

And then there's the holidays, which are practically cancelled this year. Hubby & I are debating whether to buy any Halloween candy, since I have serious doubts we'll see any trick-or-treaters. Certainly not my grandkids; GOD I miss them! I haven't seen them in MONTHS😢 Fall is usually my favorite time of the year with the holidays & all that. Needless to say, this frustration/depression isn't helping with the diet/exercise plan at all. Hubby's feeling it, too - only his comes out angry 😡 Okay, rant's done. Back to trying to be positive in all this. Hubby & I are hopefully still going to Hawaii in December, and we're scheduled for Pickleball tonight. He likes it alot, I think it's okay. Get out of the house & get some exercise, that'll help.

08 October 2020

Well last night my hubby & I went to check out a Seniors wellness center, & ended up joining for a year, LOL! It's closer than the gym I already belong to (and don't go to), plus it has a pretty good sized pool. Unfortunately, the weight area is small and they're closed on Sundays. BUT they also have something called Pickleball, which is something I can do with the hubby, and Zumba classes, which is something I can do without the hubby, LOL! I figure we need to go at least twice a week, and use the pool at least once a week. I didn't get to the weight training last night, after I got home I spent about an hour on my treadmill. I may finally give that thing up, LOL! Anyway, there's a Zumba class Saturday morning, which I want to try out, and then either Pickleball or swimming, depending on the schedule. I'll let you know how this goes.

07 October 2020

Weigh-in: 142.0 lb lost so far: 4.5 lb still to go: 7.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (1 comment) losing 1.2 lb a week

05 October 2020

Well I managed to hold the weekend weight gain down to less than 1 lb, so hopefully that will come off tomorrow. I was pretty bad Saturday, eating blueberry pancakes for breakfast AND going out for lunch - oddly, can't remember where. Yesterday was better in that we didn't eat out. I cooked breakfast & dinner & we had leftovers for lunch, but then I got a flu shot and stopped for ice cream afterwards, LOL!

The weather is much cooler in OKC, so I went for a nice long walk around the neighborhood Saturday, then did another 3 miles on the treadmill in the evening. But for some reason, my hips are pretty sore! I think I mentioned I've pretty much given up running, now I'm wondering if walking is next - NOOOOO!!!!! I MUST do something! I need to keep exercising, that's all there is to that! Getting older is NO EXCUSE!!!

01 October 2020

Weigh-in: 143.0 lb lost so far: 3.5 lb still to go: 8.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (1 comment) losing 0.1 lb a week

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