Joined September 2013
Weight History

Start Weight
332.9 lb
Lost so far: 168.7 lb

Current Weight
164.2 lb
Performance: losing 2.4 lb a week

Goal Weight
132.3 lb
Still to go: 32.0 lb
Meshed up my feelings with food. Must always be careful not to lose control again. Very difficult but not impossible. At least I have turned to healthy dieting and i do not miss junk.
Previously ate limited foods mostly meat no yoghurt, fruits, veggies or fish. Now exactly the opposite.
Absolutely hate cooking.
Love eating huge quantities of food. But do not mind starving when there is no food around. At such cases i can live with extremely low food whatever it might be no matter its taste.
Love lifting weights. Love the feeling of pain pumping blood into muscles. Not for weight control but for well living and healthy aging.
Became half in just 1 year doing unintentionally LowCarbHighProtein dieting, no exercise.
Maintainance with extremely high carbs & low fat!!! Went back to gym after 27 years!!! Incredible change. Not recognising myshelf.
No diets. No LCHF, Atkins, vegan, vegetarian etc. No nothing.

Male living in Greece, 1.75m tall

1986.01 68KGR
1990 90KGR
1994.06.24 115KGR
2003 125KGR
2012.08.17 151.0KGR BMI 49.3
2012.10.12 133.5KGR 39.3%BF
2013.01.01 115.8KGR 35.7%BF
2013.03.12 102.5KGR 32.1%BF
2013.05.02 88.8KGR 27.6%BF
2013.08.12 74.6KGR 20.8%BF
2013.12.02 73.1KGR 19.9%BF
2014.03.10 71.6KGR 19.0%BF
2015.02.13 73.9KGR 20.6%BF
2015.11.03 68.1KGR 16.8%BF
2016.03.05 66.7KGR 15.8%BF BMI 21.8
2017.07.01 65.0KGR
2018.02.19 71.0KGR
2018.11.09 1st time DEXA scan:Body weight 70.0kg,fat 15.0kg,21.4%,BMI 22.6,T-score -1 (at the upper edge of osteopenia)

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Activity trackers: fitbit charge 3 or ionic , garmin vivosport or vivosmart 4
I have read lots of reviews and user comments and finally i ordered a...Polar M430. I wanted Garmin's "Body battery" and FitBit's "Sleep" but i preferred Polar's M430 HR and usb via cable desktop sync.
posted 10 Dec 2018, 15:37
Activity trackers: fitbit charge 3 or ionic , garmin vivosport or vivosmart 4
Anyone using one of the above activity trackers willing to share his/her experience ?
posted 04 Dec 2018, 10:13
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