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Despite my icon, I am not a snail nor have I ever eaten snail. I am in fact, a human.

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Stair Climbing exercise
Sorry for the late reply. Been busy and I was not near my computer when your message came in.

Sorry if it wasn't clear, but I wasn't on a machine. I was climbing actual stairs, helping someone move from a third-story walk-up.

But yes, I could try to input a different exercise and try to match time and intensity.
posted 10 Dec 2017, 09:31
Stair Climbing exercise
So I want to enter in some of the exercise I did yesterday, but "Stairs (Climbing Stairs)" is entered by time rather than flights. And I have no idea how much time I spent walking up the stairs because I did it so often across a great deal of time. I only have an estimate of how many flights I climbed: 40 to 45.

So like...I don't know what to do. Any hints on converting flights climbed to calories to time? I'm googling, but I can't get a good estimate, the information is a little all over the place and obviously differs from person to person because of an individual's height, weight, sex, fitness, etc.

And I'm exhausted and can't get my brain to work. (I helped a friend move apartments who was essentially a hoarder. She was in a third floor walkup. And the 40 to 45 doesn't include the flights I climbed the day before. O_O)
posted 02 Dec 2017, 10:25
Calorie counter for Germany?
Google is your friend. Simply search "spaetzle calories," with or without quotes, and right there in the results page, without having to go to another website, will be a tool.

The default will display 221 calories for 1 cup of Spätzle, and on the right hand side will be a nutrition facts label. This won't hold true for every food out there, but it's incredibly useful.

Obviously you'll have to go to Google in a browser since you're on IOS.

More googling and it looks like MyFitnessPal has multiple entries for weisswurst. So you might consider looking there for other common foods you're likely to eat and then using it for the duration of your trip.
posted 25 Jun 2017, 08:31
Not sure it will be helpful, but if junk food is in the house and you can't keep your husband from purchasing it and you're bound to eat it then you need to find ways to moderate your intake. It depends on personalities, but for some it's easier to moderate than to just quit. I'm good at moderating, but my brother isn't, so he has to just not purchase things, but you don't have that luxury.

Obviously never eat from the package. Find out what a serving is from the box and eat no more than that, preferably eat half that portion eventually. I highly recommend getting a digital kitchen scale, so you actually know how much you're eating. (Most nutrition labels will have the weight in grams of a serving, you can even weigh out ice cream this way.) Find a pretty plate or bowl to put it on to keep from eating from the container. Ritualize it, make it an event, not something mindless. Give yourself rules and conditions that have to be met.

I can have a small slice of homemade quick bread or two small cookies or a small piece of chocolate (if I happen to have those in the house at all), but I can only have them with a cup of tea. And I can't touch them until that tea is brewed and in a cup. And I can only do that once a day. I can have any amount of cups of tea I want in a day, but only one of those cups can include a sweet snack with it.

And do as sharletagraph suggests and go with natural sugars. Try to transition your snacking from the junk to the more natural until you're so used to natural sweetness that the junk won't even taste that good anymore.

I hope some of this was helpful. I don't think I have sugar cravings, but I'm quite familiar with mindless eating, though more with salty snacks than sweet, and with both the only thing that's helped me is to portion control with a scale, and with sweets making it a event, a treat, something special.
posted 23 Jun 2017, 08:51
Atkins info is wrong on this site
Normally when you add a food and then click on the name or search for it in the Foods tab there will be a section under "Nutrition Facts" saying when the food was submitted and the user who submitted it. The next line will be:

"Is this information inaccurate or incomplete?
Click here to edit."

However, that is absent for your Atkins Bar, which is rather strange to me. I suggest adding it as a new food and in the name of the new food include something like [Updated Nutrition Info '17] or even just [Update] or [New].
posted 23 May 2017, 09:54
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