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Calories for Retail Management
I had the same issue when it comes to cleaning horse stalls. Your best option would probably be to break down which jobs you performed in a day and figure out which item they best relate to....unloading trucks could very well fall under weight training, cleaning could fall under housework and walking kinda sums up walking the floor.
posted 10 Apr 2011, 22:40
help please
Flax Seeds are also good sprinkled on salads, pastas, rice, and oatmeal/grits. If youve never had them before, just know that if you chew one directly, it may feel slightly 'slimy' or 'slick' on the outside, this is perfectly normal.
posted 03 Apr 2011, 20:47
Fatorexia: I'm not that fat...
I know I've admonished myself against other womens figures, heavier, same, and thinner. Its not something that just overweight people do. I've seen Size 0, 1 and such girls that will poke and prod at themselves because they feel someone is just better than they are, or silently gloat to themselves because someone else has a flaw they don't, comparable judging doesn't have a set group of people who utilize it. While it may not be kind, appropriate, or compassionate, it does happen, and will continue to for some time. Personally, its ok as long as your thoughts stay to yourself, its when you express them, whether to the watched subject or a by-stander, that it becomes cruel.
posted 03 Apr 2011, 13:48
help please
I too had a few issues trying to figure out what to mark certain'exercise' functions as. I think stairs may well be placed in the walking catagory. Sit ups I have no clue, but playing with the kids could possibly fall into housework. I ended up using shoveling for the 8-20 horse stalls I clean daily, seemed closest. As for fiber, if you feel that most of the foods with fiber in them you don't care for, you could always resort to a fiber supplement capsule. Personally I tend to eat a lot of pears, and I like my Fiber added oatmeal, and I bake whole, multi-grain breads.

The only 'pointer' I can think of off the top of my head, is to give yourself little goals inbetween. Maybe for every, say, 10 lbs you treat yourself to something. The biggest thing I was ever taught was you should never exclude a food from yourself, that only causes you to crave it, an ultimately binge on it. Instead allow yourself a little taste of this or that every so often so mentally you don't feel your being punished.
posted 03 Apr 2011, 09:58
If I were thin, I'd...
...Id hopefully be in less pain. In addition to having Fibromyalgia I have a permanent fracture in my right ankle, bulging discs in my neck and lower back, and arthritus through my 27 y/o ... too many years being tossed off horses which injury coupled with weight has caused my doctor to ban me from saddling up ever again. I hope that when I am more "weight regulated", that I can only have even half my pain, and would suffer the consequences for the sake of a nice trail ride every so often.
posted 02 Apr 2011, 22:49
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