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Weight History

Start Weight
184.0 lb
Lost so far: 79.4 lb

Current Weight
104.6 lb
Performance: losing 1.2 lb a week

Goal Weight
90.0 lb
Still to go: 14.6 lb
I'm 50, have grown children, and live in the pacific NW.
I was overweight for more than 20years. Size 24 at my highest.
Morbidly obese over 10 years.
I've had a "normal" BMI for 5 years.
Currently have BMI of 19 and wear a size zero, but recently gained a few pounds and trying to get back in the right direction.

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Searching forums or groups by recent activity??
I'm interested in connecting with groups or forums with recent activity, is there a way to search for those? Whenever I join a group or search a forum it looks like there have been no posts in years. Mostly I'm looking for people to connect with on Fitbit. It really helps to stay active!
posted 03 Sep 2017, 23:26
Not new but newly active.
Unfortunatley, its all trial and error. 30 years worth for me.
posted 03 Jun 2017, 13:22
Not new but newly active.
Migraines are so hard to treat! The side effects from topamax were brutal at first. It took 2 months for the migraines to stop and longer for the side effects to go away. I was only 86 lbs before things finally turned around. You'll find something that works for you, just keep trying.
posted 03 Jun 2017, 12:28
Not new but newly active.
I have Migraines too, well, when I don't take my meds. Topamax is a lifesaver, but it doesn't always play nice with my other meds, and my diet. It can make me acidic, contributes to my pancreatitis, and of course, can cause weight loss, which my Dr. doesn't like. If I lose any more weight they may take me off the Topamax and I don't want that at all.
posted 03 Jun 2017, 05:35
Not new but newly active.
I have gained and lost over a hundred pounds three times.

Now I'm 50, diabetic, starting menopause, have chronic fatigue, and I'm just a few pounds from goal. I'm very petite so I find it difficult to find diet support for my body type. Looking for buddies. Hope to find a few like me who are also under 5" / 100 lbs.
posted 27 May 2017, 14:19
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