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What do you do to keep from binging after a long day?
I've been working on the same thing. I know that for me, sitting down and watching a show in the evening is linked to eating in my brain (especially if I had a long hard day). Just the act of watching a show triggers my hunger response, even if I just ate recently. After decades of using food to "relax", now I have trouble relaxing without a snack.

For me, this is a behavior that I have struggled with for so long. It's not an issue of weight loss anymore (I've been at a stable weight for 3+ years after my weight loss), but it is an unhealthy behavior that I would like to change. It makes me feel powerless over food sometimes.

I also have the same experience you described, where if I finish my snack but the show isn't over, I feel the need to get more food. It's not rational, but the urge is so strong because I've reinforced this habit for so many years!

Now I'm experimenting with finding other things that will feel like a reward. This infographic is interesting; check it out...
posted 11 Dec 2017, 10:34
My Doctor is annoying
There have been a lot of studies showing that doctors in this country often give lower quality of care to overweight patients. Unfortunately, many doctors have the same anti-fat bias as a lot of other people in this country. I posted links to a few articles about it below.

I know that a lot of health problems are caused or made worse by being overweight--- but that does not mean your doctor should brush you off like that. If you have the option to switch doctors or get a second opinion, maybe you should do it. You deserve to be listened to and treated respectfully by your doctor. Good luck!
posted 09 Jun 2017, 20:40
Loose skin
I totally understand your fear or loose skin when you have so much to lose. I had the same fears, but Iost 140 lbs and have not had too much of a problem with loose skin. Yes, there are some areas of my body where the skin isn't as taut as I would like, but overall it's not really an issue like I had feared it would be. Throughout my weight loss, I read up on the topic. Let me share what I've learned...

The major cause of very loose skin is rapid weight loss. When you see the kind of loose skin that they show on the Biggest Loser or the Extreme Weight Loss shows, it is kind of scary. But those contestants are losing weight at a very unhealthy pace of 5-10 (or more) lbs per week. If you lose at a slow, steady, healthy pace of 1-2 lbs a week, it will give your skin time to adjust and loose skin will be less of a problem. (I lost weight at that pace: 140 lbs over about 1.5 years).

The other things you can do to avoid loose skin is to build muscle as you lose weight. Incorporating some weight bearing exercise into your routine will help you build some muscle and give your skin something to support it. (There are so many reasons to incorporate some strength training into your workouts, both for health and for appearance. Avoiding loose skin is just one more reason.)

Using cocoa butter or shea butter (or just some good lotion), especially on areas of your body where you are losing a lot of fat, can help your skin maintain it's elasticity. A lot of people advise that after you shower, you should massage in some cocoa butter to keep your skin moisturized and elastic. I really wish I had done this from the beginning of my weight loss. I started doing this around the time I reached my goal (and not consistently enough even then, cuz I hate putting on lotion), but I wish I would have learned about it earlier. I think it would make a big difference if you did it from day one.

If you are losing weight in a healthy way, and getting enough vitamins and nutrients from fruits and veggies, then your skin will have what it needs to adjust to your changing body. I personally took a supplement with biotin (the hair/skin/nails vitamin), which helps your body make collagen and supports your skin health. This may not be necessary for everyone, but it can't hurt.

That's everything I've learned about how to avoid loose skin. I hope it's helpful. I would encourage you not to let the fear of loose skin be a barrier for you. The benefits of getting to a healthy weight are far greater than the negative of some possibly saggy skin.

Good luck with your goals! Smile

posted 10 Jan 2016, 14:32
Challenge Weigh in Help
Joehi- Yeah, my weight tracker shows up correctly some places, but not others. For instance, the status bar below my posts is stalled at an old weight, from a couple weigh-ins ago. This problem only started a few days ago for me, but it's really frustrating already. I have challenges that are ending in a few days and I want it to record my *actual* progress in the challenge.
posted 08 Dec 2013, 18:50
Challenge Weigh in Help
I'm having the same problem. Did anybody find a solution that they can share? Thanks
posted 08 Dec 2013, 08:47
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