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30 June 2019

30 June 2019

I am so happy being back on my WFPB diet. I may even have to cut back on some of the fast acting insulin I am taking because only an hour after eating my lunch yesterday, I got shaky and my BGL had dropped in the 60s. Had to eat a snack for the first time in a LONG time. Same happened after dinner and had to do the same, a snack before bedtime. I need to get better snack choices in the house though. Snack bars are ok, but all of them have oils in them and way too much protein, even though it is all plant-based. AND I need a more natural peanut butter because Jif adds sugar to theirs and I definitely don't need that and PB is fattening, even though I am only using less than a tablespoon on a whole slice of bread. I am thinking about making some chia or rice pudding, or maybe some other whole grains to eat as a snack. That way I am eating starch - a complex carb. I found out that eating fruit doesn't help. Goes through my system too fast and I get shaky all over again w/in an hour. I will be calling my diabetic management nurse tomorrow and asking her about it. I don't want to be doing that much snacking because it makes me go over my calorie count and it causes me to HAVE to eat something even when I am still full from the main meal. I know it will just take time to work all of this out, so not sweating the details too much. Just happy to see my BGLs coming down and staying relatively steady. Low 100s in the mornings (105, 109, 110, 111 - the past 4 mornings) and in the 70s & 80s before I eat lunch and dinner.

In the past three years, I have tried Keto (for 8 months), the Mediterranean diet (for a year), vegetarian/vegan (still using oils and salt though) for 6 months before I fell ill and then the DD60 diet most recently and this is the best my BGLs have done from all of them. I tried the WFPB for about a week back last year, but circumstances beyond my control prevented me from being able to purchase the foods I needed, so I was stuck just doing a fatty version of a vegetarian/vegan diet. Now, I am sticking to the WFPB, heavy on starches with little to no added oils or sodium. I am going to make this a forever lifestyle and kick diabetes and high cholesterol in the arse!

28 June 2019

Weigh-in: 191.0 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 46.0 lb Diet followed N/A
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15 June 2019

My BGLs are doing really well the past few days. Staying completely under the 140 mark, even going down into the 90s a few times. My AM numbers are still a bit high, but at least now I know what causes them - cortisol. That great wake-up hormone. Took my BGL last night before bed @ 10pm, 104. Woke up at 7am this morning, 125. Years ago that would have confuzzled me, but now I know why it happens and so long as the numbers stay under 140, I don't give a flyin' leap. So why the 140 you are asking? The urologist told me that when BGLs go above 140, all that sugar in my blood can cause a UTI which can then affect the kidneys. Hence working hard to stay under 140. I definitely don't want to harm my kidneys again.

I am still working to get the strength built up in my legs again. Been going for short walks twice a day every day for the past 4 days. When I went into the hospital in late May, I couldn't walk at all without assistance. Now I can at least walk around the house w/out my cane or a walker. Still don't trust myself taking walks though w/out the walker. I was bummed out about this a few weeks ago. I've always been a walker. It was my main means of transport for decades because I couldn't afford a car. Once I did get a car, I practically stopped walking. That was my downfall right there. Now I want to get back into walking so that I can walk to nearby stores which are about a mile away. Baby steps towards that though. As it is, I can barely walk a block and I am tired out. Still, it is a goal to work towards.

My 53rd birthday is coming up in 5 days. Hard to believe that I am that old. Going to break my own tradition and do something with family this year. Normally, I stay home, watch my fave movies, have a special breakfast and dinner, carrot cake and white russians. No more of that kind of behavior though. Not if I want to keep my BGLs down. I may still have a small carrot cake that the local convenience store sells. Maybe. I can always work it in to my carb count.

I go back to the doc on the 24th, so will get a weigh-in then. Hopefully I won't have gained weight. Eating 3 times a day and all those carbs though, I am pretty sure I will have. If I have, I will be giving up potatoes. Stick mainly to other veggies and just eat more of them since they won't be as full of carbs as potatoes are. When I eat fruit these days, it is mostly berries and grapes. May have to give up the grapes and stick to berries since they have a lower glycemic value.

Okay, enough of this. Hope everyone here at FatSecret has a wonderful weekend. Good luck on all your diets!

12 June 2019

Today was a good day. BGLs are running fairly stable - at 8 am, 157 but I couldn't sleep last night so that was a bit high - 2 pm, 114 nice number there - 6:30 pm, 130 another nice number so long as it stays under 140 I am happy. My doc has me on a DD60/low sodium diet which means up to 60 grams of carbs per meal. I need to get my fat intake down as I went a bit overboard today, but still managed to stay under the 1800 calories that the doc wants me on to lose 1 lb a week. We will see how that goes by eating all those carbs. At least the carbs I am eating most of the time are from veggies, yogurt, a little fruit and oatmeal. I do have the occassional whole grain bread if I am in the mood for a sandwich. I was on a LCHF diet for so long that I've pretty much lost the desire for bread - blasphemy! *laughs* Bread used to be my fave thing in the whole world. Tonight, I plan to actually put me arse in bed by midnight, even if I have to take a sleeping pill to do it. Going to fast for 12 hours before next meal too.

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