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I started on a journey of getting healthy on January 3, 2006. I was tipping the scale at a very, very unhealthy 332lbs and size 32 pants. I had just found out I was diabetic and hypertensive and on my way to an early grave. I took out my South Beach books that had been gathering dust for two years and and then actually read them. I haven't looked back since! I reached my goal weight of 160 lbs (it actually came in at 157) on December 29, 2007. I am down to between 145-147lbs now which I have been maintaining through portion control, watching everything that I eat and exercise (mostly cardio with some strength training thrown in). I am now wearing between a 4-8 in pants.

It's been a great discovery for me...I have energy that I never had before...enough to keep up with my very active 5 and 2 y.o. grandchildren. I don't sit still anymore and I am constantly on the move. I sleep better, look better and feel so much better about myself.

The journey was really the easiest part for me...I can truthfully say that I never cheated during the entire time I was losing weight...never had a cheat day. I'm not as militant as I was because now I know I can eat a cookie or a piece of cake and not cave and eat the whole bag or the whole cake. The hardest part, I know from fact, will be keeping it off in the long-term...I am determined NEVER to be the morbidly obese person that I was!

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Anyone need to lose over 100LBS???
I have walked in your shoes and they can get pretty uncomfortable! It took me 735 days to reach my goal weight and I've managed to keep it off for over two years. I don't think I was ever a "normal" weight my whole life. Just know that you have to want to lose weight for yourself and not for any other reason...find that motivator...for me it was my almost 6 y.o. grandson...being around for him gave me the kick in the behind I needed to get serious. Once you find an eating plan that you can stick with it'll be like second nature! Before you know it you'll be shopping those boutiques like a pro! Best of luck to everyone on their journey...
posted 01 Mar 2010, 16:17
Favourite Films-Dare you to give a sentence review!
SCHINDLER'S LIST - A movie so heartbreaking but so uplifting at the same time...a cry at the final scene every time!
posted 13 Feb 2010, 18:53
New to this site!! Calorie ???
2200 calories a day seems like ALOT of calories but I've checked several web sites and that is what they are saying. Most web sites that I've looked at say you should never drop below 1200 calories a day. I've checked a couple of my bookmarked diet sites and they all ate pretty much inline with your numbers, however the highest I saw was just less than 2200 to keep your current weight. All of them do suggest 1500-1600/day to lose 1-2lbs a week to attain your weight loss in about 16 weeks since you seem to indicate that you have a moderately active lifestyle. Work with those numbers for a week or so and see how it goes you can always adjust as you go...losing weight is a continual work in progress! Good luck!!
posted 13 Feb 2010, 17:19
Anyone need to lose over 100LBS???
I also had to lose 160lbs to get to a reasonable weight, I finally did lose 187lbs through the South Beach Diet which is healthy, rounded and recommended by my doctor. Actually any diet that stresses whole grains, fruits and veggies and avoiding processed foods is a good one, but the most important thing to remember is portion control, more exercise, and mostly patience. We have to remember that we didn't get to be 100+ pounds overwieght in a day and it's not going to take a day to lose it. I'm happy to help anyone who needs a sounding board or just someone to talk to about the frustrations that are a part of this journey.
posted 22 Sep 2009, 21:32
I make a killer slow cooker oatmeal that makes 4 servings. I put it in individual cups and just take a cup with a 1/2 cup of 1% milk and microwave for 3 minutes. Add a banana and I'm good to go. I also put quick oats, vanilla, cinnamon, dried fuit, packet of splenda in a 2cup bowl, add water when I get to workand microwave for 2 minutes and top with this an oatmeal trend? I do love oatmeal though. Also hard boiled eggs are good. Make an egg and bacon (turkey or regular) burrito using a low cal whole wheat tortilla shell and reheat when you get to work. Good luck!
posted 13 Sep 2009, 20:26
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