Brie and Honey

cals: 253kcal | fat: 11.24g | carbs: 22.60g | prot: 15.66g
Includes: Whole Meal Cracker, Philadelphia Natural, light, Luttuce, President brie, light, Honey, Pine nuts. 
"Whole meal toast with cream cheese, honey, brie, pine nuts and lettuce "

Brie with Mustard

cals: 282kcal | fat: 13.14g | carbs: 22.29g | prot: 18.39g
Includes: Whole Meal Cracker, Luttuce, Philadelphia Natural, light, grainy mustard, President brie, light. 
"Whole meal toast with cream cheese, grainy mustard, brie and lettuce"

Cheese and Mustard Toast

cals: 197kcal | fat: 5.82g | carbs: 18.45g | prot: 16.98g
Includes: Whole Meal Cracker, Luttuce, Philadelphia Natural, light, Grainy mustard, Milner cheese. 
"Whole meal toast with cream cheese, grainy mustard, cheese and lettuce"

English Breakfast

cals: 268kcal | fat: 15.30g | carbs: 17.82g | prot: 14.56g
Includes: Whole Meal Cracker, Bacon, Philadelphia Natural, light, Eggs. 
"Whole meal toast with cream cheese, fried eggs and bacon"

Fresh pasta with gorgonzola spinach sauce

cals: 282kcal | fat: 14.44g | carbs: 22.36g | prot: 13.66g
Includes: fresh perline with ham, Gorgonzola, spinach, frozen, pine nuts, Luttuce. 
"Fresh ham pasta with spinach, gorgonzola and pine nuts served with lettuce"

Fresh pasta with green vegetable

cals: 211kcal | fat: 4.19g | carbs: 22.65g | prot: 19.60g
Includes: Fresh perline with ham, asperagus, broccoli, chicken fillet. 
"Fresh ham pasta with green asparagus, broccoli, french beans, chicken and pesto herbs"

Fruity Toast

cals: 187kcal | fat: 5.48g | carbs: 28.68g | prot: 5.88g
Includes: Whole Meal Cracker, Philadelphia Natural, light, mango, kiwi. 
"Whole meal toast with cream cheese, mango and kiwi"

Gorgonzola & Mushroom Risotto

cals: 242kcal | fat: 8.90g | carbs: 27.61g | prot: 11.70g
Includes: Chestnut Mushrooms, Onion, Risotto, Gorgonzola, Lettuce. 
"Risotto, onion, gorgonzola and chestnut mushrooms served with salad"

Gorgonzola and Pear Toast

cals: 218kcal | fat: 9.64g | carbs: 23.09g | prot: 8.49g
Includes: Gorgonzola, Whole Meal Cracker, Pear, Philadelphia Natural, light, Luttuce. 
"Whole meal toast with cream cheese, gorgonzola, warm pear and lettuce"

Green Vegetable Risotto

cals: 219kcal | fat: 4.44g | carbs: 36.27g | prot: 10.86g
Includes: Philadelphia Natural, light, risotto, peas, frozen, Onion, podded peas, mushrooms, green asparagus. 
"Risotto with peas, onion, podded peas, mushrooms, green asparagus, cream cheese and pesto herbs"

Mushroom risotto

cals: 252kcal | fat: 8.84g | carbs: 30.31g | prot: 11.55g
Includes: Luttuce, risotto, Onion, Gorgonzola, chestnut mushroom. 
"Risotto with chestnut mushrooms, onion and gorgonzola served with lettuce"

Oriental Salmon

cals: 184kcal | fat: 7.44g | carbs: 18.68g | prot: 14.90g
Includes: Whole Meal Cracker, Philadelphia Natural, light, Luttuce, smoked salmon, bean sprouts. 
"Whole meal toast with cream cheese, smoked salmon, (warm) bean sprouts and lettuce"

Pasta with mushroom sauce

cals: 255kcal | fat: 10.39g | carbs: 24.23g | prot: 15.80g
Includes: Luttuce, Philadelphia Natural, light, fresh perline with ham, chestnut mushrooms, broccoli, bacon strips. 
"Fresh ham pasta with cream cheese, chestnut mushrooms, broccoli and bacon served with lettuce"

Pasta with Mushrooms and Peas

cals: 224kcal | fat: 6.99g | carbs: 28.53g | prot: 13.55g
Includes: Luttuce, Philadelphia Natural, light, Fresh perline with ham, Mushrooms, podded peas, peas, frozen. 
"Fresh ham pasta with mushrooms, peas, podded peas and cream cheese served with lettuce"

Pasta with Spinach Paturain Sauce

cals: 273kcal | fat: 9.59g | carbs: 23.18g | prot: 22.38g
Includes: Luttuce, fresh perline with ham, spinach, frozen, chicken fillet, pine nuts, Paturain, light. 
"Fresh ham stuffed pasta with spinach, paturain, chicken and pine nuts served with lettuce"

Red Summer on Toast

cals: 174kcal | fat: 5.20g | carbs: 25.14g | prot: 6.32g
Includes: summer berries, Philadelphia Natural, light, Whole Meal Cracker. 
"Whole meal toast with cream cheese and summer berries"

Salmon with cream cheese crust

cals: 281kcal | fat: 8.87g | carbs: 24.18g | prot: 25.50g
Includes: Luttuce, potatoe, wild salmon, Philadelphia Natural, light, bread crumbs. 
"Wild salmon with cream cheese, garlic and bread crumbs served with oven potatoes and lettuce"

Seafood with pasta

cals: 292kcal | fat: 10.81g | carbs: 23.04g | prot: 24.92g
Includes: wild salmon, frozen, fresh pasta with, asperagus, broccoli, philadelphia, lemon juice. 
"Fresh stuffed crab and lobester pasta with salmon, asparagus and bimi served with a lemon cream cheese sauce"

Shrimp and pea risotto

cals: 293kcal | fat: 5.11g | carbs: 32.31g | prot: 29.28g
Includes: Risotto, Peas, frozen, Onion, Philadelphia Natural, light, Shrimp, frozen. 
"Risotto with cream cheese, peas, onion and shrimps"

Shrimps on Toast

cals: 162kcal | fat: 3.34g | carbs: 18.04g | prot: 14.34g
Includes: Whole Meal Cracker, Luttuce, Philadelphia Natural, light, Queens Ocean shrimp. 
"Whole meal toast with cream cheese, shrimps and lettuce"

Steak teriyaki

cals: 210kcal | fat: 1.59g | carbs: 22.35g | prot: 26.46g
Includes: Steak, Luttuce, teriyaki sauce, potatoes. 
"Steak with teriyaki served with oven potatoes and lettuce"

Stuffed chicken with mushrooms

cals: 283kcal | fat: 8.49g | carbs: 20.77g | prot: 29.42g
Includes: chicken fillet, Philadelphia Natural, light, Luttuce, chestnut mushrooms, Bacon, Potatoes. 
"Chicken stuffed with chestnut mushrooms, cream cheese and bacon served with oven potatoes and lettuce"

Stuffed Portabella

cals: 269kcal | fat: 11.89g | carbs: 26.36g | prot: 14.25g
Includes: Gorgonzola, Philadelphia Natural, light, Luttuce, chestnut mushrooms, Potatoes, pine nuts. 
"Portabella stuffed with gorgonzola, cream cheese and pine nuts served with oven potatoes and lettuce"

Stuffed turkey with gorgonzola and spinach

cals: 341kcal | fat: 15.04g | carbs: 20.09g | prot: 30.16g
Includes: Luttuce, Gorgonzola, Turkey, spinach, frozen, Bacon, Potatoes. 
"Turkey stuffed with gorgonzola, spinach and bacon served with oven potatoes and lettuce"

Summer Berry Chocolate Twist

cals: 169kcal | fat: 1.40g | carbs: 29.50g | prot: 9.40g
Includes: curd, all bran choco, all bran flakes, Spcial K Active, summer berries. 
"Strawberry curd with summer berries and high fibre and chocolate cereal melange"

Summer Berry Delight

cals: 161kcal | fat: 0.50g | carbs: 28.67g | prot: 9.51g
Includes: summer berries, crispy bran, All-bran Flakes, optimel, Special K Active. 
"Strawberry curd with summer berries and cereal melange"

Tomato Risotto

cals: 188kcal | fat: 2.68g | carbs: 34.17g | prot: 6.27g
Includes: risotto, Luttuce, Philadelphia Natural, light, Onion, tomato puree. 
"Risotto with onion, cream cheese and tomato sauce served with lettuce"

Tuna on Toast

cals: 181kcal | fat: 4.06g | carbs: 18.82g | prot: 17.32g
Includes: Whole Meal Cracker, Luttuce, Philadelphia Peper & Herbs, Tuna in water, Black olives. 
"Whole meal toast with peper and herb cream cheese, black olives, tuna and lettuce"

White fish with grogonzola crust

cals: 282kcal | fat: 8.61g | carbs: 24.11g | prot: 25.57g
Includes: Gorgonzola, Philadelphia Natural, light, Luttuce, broccoli, cod, frozen, bread crumbs, Potatoes. 
"White fish with cream cheese, gorgonzola, broccoli and bread crumbs served with oven potatoes and lettuce"

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