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"Discipline weighs ounces - regret weighs tons." - - Jim Rohn

*2018* Fatsecret Member for 10 years now, but I've lost & found the same 40-50 pounds 4 or 5 times since 1999.

Carb Restriction always works for me. And there's nothing new or fad about it. Sugar and starch free diets have been around for 150+ years, thanks to William Banting in 1860's London. Whether you call it Keto, Primal, Paleo, GI Diet, or Atkins, it all started with Mr. Banting over a century ago.

Low carb living is more about restoring my health than weightloss. Luckily, eating this way gives me both!

My quick 'n' dirty low carb rules:
--- No or very low 1-Grains 2-Sugars 3-Rice 4-Pasta 5-Potatoes 6-Fruit
--- Eat until full, eat only when hungry.

I don't track calories or macros. Guess it's what most would call "lazy keto." It works for me. Also do frequent OMAD (one meal a day) or 16:8 fasting.

I'm on the short side, 5'3" & a smidge. I have 3 daughters, a 21 y.o. millennial, and my 2 late-in-life babies, now 7 & 8 . I am a stay at home, home-school mom. Just trying to ensure I stay healthy enough to enjoy future grand babies when they happen, and have the energy & vitality to chase them!

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cals: 277kcal | fat: 25.42g | carbs: 5.92g | prot: 7.76g
Pumpkin Cheesecake III
A smooth and delicious cheesecake for those special occasions.
cals: 143kcal | fat: 11.26g | carbs: 4.44g | prot: 6.65g
Zucchini Hash Browns
Yummy and healthy zucchini hash browns that helps with potato cravings.
cals: 370kcal | fat: 30.29g | carbs: 4.54g | prot: 18.95g
White Castle Hamburger Pie
A high fat and protein, low carb delectable pie suitable for a low carb lifestyle.
cals: 315kcal | fat: 28.27g | carbs: 4.72g | prot: 11.25g
Cheesecake Pancakes
An excellent low carb substitute for pancakes.
cals: 125kcal | fat: 11.57g | carbs: 0.86g | prot: 4.48g
Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Pepper Poppers
These little gems are outstanding as a snack or appetizer.
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Lines on everyones profile and what they mean
Not sure if you've already found the answer but I'll respond in case you haven't & for others who would like to know. The colored bars are an indicator of how far/close you are to reaching your goal. Red is no or little weight loss, then it progresses to orange, yellow, green (near goal), and finally blue (at goal). Hope this helps!
posted 13 Mar 2018, 14:55
Bodyweight and glycogen depletion
Nimm wrote:

And all of this highlights why the normal fluctuations in the scale aren't a good way to gauge fat loss. If you can add 6 pounds in a day but little to no actual body fat, just by manipulating your water balance, it should be easy to understand why the scale can not move at all for several weeks, while you're in fact losing body fat the entire time.

Right! Like with me, my weigh in this morning on the scale is really no reflection of what's truly going on within my body. Today I was 135, and back on April 27th, I was 135. But the difference is, during the time I spent being glycogen depleted through strict low-carbing, I was burning body fat. And like Nimm also stated, by increasing physical activity over the previous 2 months for me, I've gained muscle.

I don't have the funds or access to a bodpod or any other highly dependable methods of fat/muscle percentages. But I do have a bioimpedance weight scale. I know it's often touted as inaccurate, but since it's the only numbers I have to go by, it's somewhat accurate overall for me. I just make sure to test no more than once a week, sometimes every other week. I test same time, straight out of bed, fresh from the blankets where I've just sweated all night, and before any liquid consumption.

The results for me? All of March, some of April my reading for body fat was between 31-33%. All of June it's been 24-26%. And so far for the month of June I've done no actual dieting at all. Honestly though, I suspect my BF% to be even lower than that, or else I wouldn't have the visible signs of my abdomen muscles popping out.

It seems to me, depleting my glycogen stores briefly did in fact allow me to burn my own body fat.. while AT THE SAME TIME, concentrate on building muscle. It was totally worth giving up carbs like I did.

However, I found I needed a break from extreme low-carbing. It got repetitious, and created an atmosphere where I was constantly thinking of food, almost to an addiction point.

But I really don't think I've un-done all the hard work that was done during April-May. Sure my weight is pretty much the same, but my body composition is not. And now I can continue on with a fresh mind set, a slower planned loss, continuing muscle gain, and definitely adding in more carbs just for the sheer enjoyment of them.

Overall, I gotta say staying glycogen depleted worked for me, but in a short term sense. From here on out, I'll be focusing more on a calorie balance, and less of a macro-nutrient balance.
posted 23 Jun 2012, 14:47
Tylenol PM & Advil PM
Ahhh!! Okay, I misunderstod for a second. I see your "thank you" and raise you another! You are welcome. Smile cheers!
posted 07 Jun 2012, 21:50
Please, NO ONE RESPOND to the spammer...
It's been reported. But please don't post a reply to the post, so the entire thread can be deleted.

Thanks all!
posted 07 Jun 2012, 21:48
Tylenol PM & Advil PM
Wiener4 - Thanks, but I really didn't answer your question at all. I was just pointing out that the main ingredient in tylenol pm, advil pm, and benedryl, can be purchesed as a stand-alone sleep aid.

Honestly, I have no idea if it affects metabolism or not. And I've not been taking them since I don't know.
posted 07 Jun 2012, 19:45
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