Banana Peanut Butter Jelly Sundae

cals: 182kcal | fat: 6.02g | carbs: 37.11g | prot: 3.41g
Includes: ice cream cup, peanut butter mixture, banana, sugar free jam. 
"ice cream cup, banana, fiber one, peanut butter mixture, raisins, sugar free syrup, sugar free jam"

Brocolli Oh

cals: 165kcal | fat: 1.15g | carbs: 13.00g | prot: 6.50g
Includes: brocolli, fat free cheese, Campbell's 98% fat free brocolli cheese soup. 
"brocolli cheese lowfat soup, brocolli, fat free cheese"

Coffeeilicous Morning

cals: 25kcal | fat: 0.17g | carbs: 4.11g | prot: 1.73g
Includes: Sugar Substitute, Saccharin-Based, Liquid , coffee, vanilla extract, skim milk. 
"coffee, sweetener, vanilla, skim milk"

Pancakes a la Meringue

cals: 399kcal | fat: 5.19g | carbs: 75.13g | prot: 18.79g
Includes: 1 tbs sugar free maple syrup, Hungry jack pancake mix, Parkay, egg whites, Sugar Substitute, Saccharin-Based, Liquid . 
"egg whites, panckae mix, syrup, parkay, nutrasweet"

Apple Dipper

cals: 165kcal | fat: 1.65g | carbs: 34.54g | prot: 3.56g
Includes: apple, light and fit, peanut butter mixture,  california raisins. 
"Apple, yogurt, peanut butter mixture, raisins"

Back to School Days PB&J

cals: 254kcal | fat: 4.60g | carbs: 50.74g | prot: 6.55g
Includes: Bread , sugar free jam, 1 tbs, 1 tbs sugar free maple syrup, reduced fat peanut butter, banana, california raisins. 
"white bread, reduced fat pb, sf jam, banana, raisins, sf maple syrup"

Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

cals: 214kcal | fat: 4.11g | carbs: 49.48g | prot: 26.17g
Includes: Butterball turkey bacon, egg white, Kraft Fat Free Cheese, Nature's Own Double Fiber Bread. 
"bacon, egg white, cheese, fiber bread"

Banana Boat

cals: 278kcal | fat: 6.14g | carbs: 49.22g | prot: 7.63g
Includes: banana, Honey, peter pan reduced fat, light and fit, honey Maid. 
"banana, honey, peanut butter, yogurt, sprinkle of graham cracker crumbs"

Banana Split 2

cals: 291kcal | fat: 7.10g | carbs: 52.68g | prot: 4.32g
Includes: Blue Bunny NSA vanilla, banana, strawberries frozen in Nutrasweet, Fat Free Cool Whip, peanut butter mixture, Nestle mini chips. 
"ice cream, banana, strawberries, cool whip, peanut butter mixture, chocolate chips"

Bean and Cheese Wrap

cals: 167kcal | fat: 2.09g | carbs: 30.96g | prot: 14.39g
Includes: fat free cheese, lettuce, chopped onion, tomatoes, kidney beans, garlic and Herb tortillas, salsa. 
"garlic and herb tortilla, kidney beans, onion, tomato,fat free cheese, lettuce, salsa"

Berry Good

cals: 151kcal | fat: 1.53g | carbs: 25.41g | prot: 9.09g
Includes: kiwi, raspberries, strawberries, graham cracker, fat free cool whip, cottage cheese. 
"raspberries, strawberries, kiwi, graham cracker, cool whip"

Berry Oatmeal

cals: 198kcal | fat: 2.90g | carbs: 39.69g | prot: 7.18g
Includes: Oats cereal (dry, not fortified), raspberries, strawberries, sugar free jam. 
"oatmeal or oat bran, raspberries and strawberries"

Best of Both Worlds PB&J

cals: 291kcal | fat: 3.45g | carbs: 65.14g | prot: 9.19g
Includes: Bread , sugar free jam, 1 tbs sugar free maple syrup, reduced fat peanut butter, banana, Nature's own. 
"white bread, dbl fiber bread, banana, jam, sf syrup, peanut butter"


cals: 198kcal | fat: 5.80g | carbs: 54.23g | prot: 16.58g
Includes: Miracle whip light, Nature's Own Double Fiber bread, Butterball reduced fat turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato. 
"Turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato, light mayo, on high fiber light bread"

BLT Salad

cals: 179kcal | fat: 4.58g | carbs: 9.15g | prot: 26.38g
Includes: fat free turkey, Butterball reduced fat turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato, caesar spray dressing. 
"turkey, turkey bacon, ceasar spray dressing. tomato, lettuce"

Blue Cheese Salad

cals: 179kcal | fat: 3.20g | carbs: 24.37g | prot: 15.03g
Includes: fat free cottage cheese, fat free blue cheese dressing, carrot, spinach, tomatoes,  Reduced Fat crumbled Blue Cheese, lettuce. 
"spinach, lettuce, carrot, tomatoes,cottage cheese, fat free blue cheese dressing, 2 tbs reduced fat crumbled blue cheese"

Brocolli & Cheese

cals: 183kcal | fat: 3.42g | carbs: 8.00g | prot: 7.50g
Includes: steamed brocolli, 1 cup, popcorn seasoning, Light Garlic & Herb Cheese Wedges, fat free cheese, parkay. 
"2 cups steamed brocolli, laughing cow cheese wedge, popcorn seasoning, fat free cheese, parkay spray"

Bugles Chili Pie

cals: 329kcal | fat: 8.30g | carbs: 42.07g | prot: 23.01g
Includes: fat free cheese, salsa, wolf chili, bugles, ranch beans. 
"Bugles, wolf chili, ranch beans, salsa, fat free cheese"

Butter Me Up Honey

cals: 226kcal | fat: 5.84g | carbs: 53.30g | prot: 6.94g
Includes: Brummel and brown, white bread, Natures own double fiber, Honey, sugar free syrup, parkay. 
"honey, white and double fiber bread, buttery spray, buttery spread, sf syrup"

Cake and Fruit Parfait

cals: 151kcal | fat: 2.06g | carbs: 31.22g | prot: 2.02g
Includes: pineapple, strawberries, cool whip,  Lowfat Pineapple Cupcake. 
"low fat pineapple cupcake( from mix made with 1/3 cup crushed pineapple), 3 egg whites, 1 tbs pineapple, cool whip and strawberries"

Chicken Breast Soft Taco

cals: 259kcal | fat: 2.71g | carbs: 26.15g | prot: 35.50g
Includes: salsa, fat free cheese, chicken breast fajita meat, refried beans, Garlic and Herb Tortillas, lettuce, tomatoes. 
"chiken breast fajita meat, ff cheese lettuce tomato, refired bean, garlic and herb tortilla"

Chicken Wrap Supreme

cals: 272kcal | fat: 4.71g | carbs: 26.65g | prot: 28.25g
Includes: green salsa, 1 tbs, lemon chicken, 4 oz, Carb Balance whole wheat fajita shells, lettuce, tomato, taco seasoning, fat free Blue cheese dressing. 
"chicken, salsa, blue cheese, fat free cheese, taco seasoning, lettuce and tomato"

Chick'N Nugget Kid's Meal

cals: 292kcal | fat: 7.91g | carbs: 45.59g | prot: 10.77g
Includes: sugar free syrup, ketchup, carrots, Honey , Boca chick'n ,  crinkle cut french fries. 
"veggie chicken, fries, ketchup, honey, sugar free syrup, baby carrots"

Chili Cheese Burger

cals: 257kcal | fat: 2.15g | carbs: 63.04g | prot: 33.87g
Includes: Vegan Burger, Wolf turkey no beans chili, Kraft Fat Free Cheese, Nature's own double fiber bread, 1 slice, onion. 
"vegan boca, turkey chili, fat free cheese on extra fiber bread"

Chili Cheese Doggies

cals: 290kcal | fat: 3.25g | carbs: 63.00g | prot: 36.00g
Includes: Nature's own double fiber bread, 1 slice, Kraft Fat Free Cheese, fat free hot dogs, Wolf turkey no beans chili. 

Chili Cheese Fries

cals: 230kcal | fat: 4.75g | carbs: 31.00g | prot: 18.00g
Includes: fat free cheese, Wolf turkey no beans chili,  crinkle cut french fries. 
"fries, turkey chili, fat free cheese"

Chili Cheese Omelet

cals: 194kcal | fat: 1.47g | carbs: 12.96g | prot: 30.39g
Includes: 1/4 cup onion, Kraft Fat Free Cheese, egg whites, Wolf turkey no beans chili. 
"egg whites, turkey chili, ff cheese, onion,"

CinnaBon Morning

cals: 176kcal | fat: 4.86g | carbs: 30.40g | prot: 2.00g
Includes: 1 tbs sugar free maple syrup, Reduced Fat Cinnamon Rolls,  Whipped vanilla Frosting. 
"Reduced fat cinnamon roll, 1` tsp Duncan hines whipped frosting, 1 tbs sugar free syrup"

Cinnamon Toast Like The Old Days

cals: 234kcal | fat: 5.10g | carbs: 44.16g | prot: 4.09g
Includes: Brummel & Brown light buttery spread 1 tbsp, sugar, sweetener, White Bread, Parkay. 
"cinnamon, 2 white bread, 3 tsp(1 tbs) sugar nutrasweet, parkay sray, light buttery spread"

Cloud Nine Hash Browns

cals: 187kcal | fat: 1.98g | carbs: 37.76g | prot: 3.92g
Includes: potato, onion, parkay, ketchup, popcorn seasoning. 
"potato, onions, cooking spray, salt and pepper,pocorn seasoning, ketchup necessary(salsa is good too)"

Coconut Smores

cals: 163kcal | fat: 4.44g | carbs: 28.48g | prot: 3.32g
Includes: Peter Pan reduced fat peanut butter, Honey maid graham cracker, Snow Puffs. 
"1 tsp peanut butter, graham cracker, 100 calorie snow puff cookie"

Creamy Egg White Omelet

cals: 147kcal | fat: 2.24g | carbs: 6.48g | prot: 24.01g
Includes: onion, egg white, laughing Cow light, fat free cottage cheese, 1/4 cup. 
"egg white, onion, laughing cow light, fat free cottage cheese"

Fast Food Special

cals: 411kcal | fat: 6.91g | carbs: 64.63g | prot: 27.89g
Includes: 1/4 cup onion, Boca burger, Kraft Fat Free Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, pickle, Nature's own double fiber,  crinkle cut french fries. 
"veggie burger, cheese, dbl fiber bread, lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup, french fries"

Fiber Hot

cals: 194kcal | fat: 2.03g | carbs: 64.58g | prot: 3.70g
Includes: Fiber one cereal, 1/2 cup, 1 tbs sugar free maple syrup, cream of wheat, California Raisins, All Bran. 
"fiber one, all bran, maple syrup, raisins, 1 tsp cream of wheat to thicken, water"

Fiber Krispies

cals: 156kcal | fat: 1.07g | carbs: 59.11g | prot: 2.42g
Includes: fiber one, marshmellows, California raisins, dates. 
"fiber one, marshmellow, raisins, dates"

Frozen Coffee Granita

cals: 58kcal | fat: 0.12g | carbs: 7.37g | prot: 0.73g
Includes: Sugar Substitute, Saccharin-Based, Liquid , coffee, sugar free syrup, Vanilla Extract (Imitation, Alcohol) . 
"coffee, vanilla, sweetener, sf syrup frozen and blended up "

Get Movin' Fruit and Veg Breakfast

cals: 194kcal | fat: 0.57g | carbs: 55.98g | prot: 1.86g
Includes: apple, celery, baby carrots, california navel orange. 
"celery, carrots, apple, plum(substitute other fruits as desired)"

Go Go Yogurt Rangers

cals: 163kcal | fat: 1.22g | carbs: 40.03g | prot: 11.48g
Includes: Strawberry banana yogurt, fat free cottage cheese, strawberries, Fiber one. 
"yogurt, cottage cheese, berries, fiber one"

Green Bean Chicken Cassarole

cals: 265kcal | fat: 6.00g | carbs: 26.00g | prot: 28.00g
Includes: potato topping, Campbells, Sweet Sue, canned green beans. 
"campbells brocolli and cheese soup(or lowfat mushroom) green beans, canned chicken, potato topping"

Green bean Cassarole 2

cals: 182kcal | fat: 4.22g | carbs: 23.07g | prot: 9.88g
Includes: Light Garlic & Herb Cheese Wedges, fat free cheese, grated parmesean, french fried onions, canned green beans. 
"french fried onions, green beans, laughing cow wedge, fat free cheddar slice, 1 tsp parmeasan"

Hilarious Celery

cals: 57kcal | fat: 2.27g | carbs: 5.75g | prot: 3.60g
Includes: celery, Laughing Cow Light Cheese wedge. 
"laughing cow cheese on celery"

Hot Pumpkin Spice Cereal

cals: 210kcal | fat: 1.19g | carbs: 43.91g | prot: 5.35g
Includes: pumpkin, cream of wheat, sugar free syrup, popcorn seasoning, 1/2 tsp, Parkay Spray. 
"cream of wheat, canned pumpkin, cinnamon, sf maple syrup, popcorn seasoning parkay"

Ice Cream Pudding Sundae

cals: 150kcal | fat: 4.20g | carbs: 26.00g | prot: 4.00g
Includes: Kraft Handi-snacks sugar free pudding, fat free cool whip, Blue Bunny vanilla no sugar added. 
"no sugar added vanilla ice cream topped with pudding and cool whip"

It's All White 2

cals: 189kcal | fat: 3.40g | carbs: 41.55g | prot: 5.00g
Includes: White Bread, sugar free jam, peanut butter mixture. 
"white bread, 2 tbs sf jam, pb mixture"

Not So Lowfat But Worth it Peanut Butter Sundae

cals: 254kcal | fat: 9.10g | carbs: 40.55g | prot: 6.50g
Includes:  No sugar added Fudgsicle, 1 piece, whipped peanut butter mixture,2 Tbs, Fat Free cool whip, Snack Size Reeses cup, Blue Bunny vanilla no sugar added. 
"reeses cup,ice cream, pb mixture, cool whip, fudgsicle"

Nutella Smore's

cals: 120kcal | fat: 3.23g | carbs: 26.63g | prot: 2.33g
Includes: marshmellow, Honey maid graham cracker, Nutella. 
"Marshmellow, nutella spread, graham cracker"

PB&J Oat Bran

cals: 222kcal | fat: 4.40g | carbs: 42.10g | prot: 8.50g
Includes: sugar free jam, log cabin, Quaker, whipped pumpkin peanut butter mixture,2 Tbs. 
"oat bran or oat meal, whpped pumkin peanut butter mixture, sugar free syrup, sugar free jam"

Peanut Butter Caramel Smores

cals: 140kcal | fat: 3.95g | carbs: 28.45g | prot: 3.65g
Includes: Honey Maid graham cracker, marshmellow, 2 peices, Hershey's caramel kisses, Peter Pan reduced fat peanut butter. 
"graham cracker, marshmallow, reduced fat peanut butter and Hershey's caramel kiss "

Pineapple Banana Freeze

cals: 188kcal | fat: 0.82g | carbs: 36.61g | prot: 7.93g
Includes: banana, pineapple, fat free cool whip, fat free cottage. 
"banana, fat free cool whip,cottage cheese, and pineapple, frozen for an hour"

Pizza Dipper

cals: 200kcal | fat: 3.25g | carbs: 32.00g | prot: 10.50g
Includes: Hunt's no sugar added spaghetti sauce, Reduced Fat turkey pepperoni, breadstick. 
"breadstick, sauce, turkey pepperoni"

Pizza Muffins

cals: 250kcal | fat: 4.25g | carbs: 32.00g | prot: 22.50g
Includes: Multi Whole Grain English Muffins, Kraft Fat Free Cheese, Reduced Fat turkey pepperoni, Hunt's NSA spaghetti sauce, parmesean. 
"turkey pepperoni, english muffin, spaghetti sauce, fat free cheese"

Poach it Mom PuhLEEEZE!

cals: 169kcal | fat: 6.70g | carbs: 13.27g | prot: 11.80g
Includes: egg, white bread, parkay, popcorn seasoning, egg white. 
"1 egg, 1 white, 1 slice white toast, parkay spray, popcorn seasoning"

Portobello Pizza

cals: 242kcal | fat: 5.40g | carbs: 22.40g | prot: 28.20g
Includes: Hunt's no sugar added spaghetti sauce, Reduced Fat turkey pepperoni, butterball turkey bacon, portobello mushroom(2 whole), fat free cheese. 
"portobello mushroom, nsa spaghetti sauce, turkey pepperoni, turkey bacon, fat free cheese"

Protein Banana Strawberry Power Shake

cals: 272kcal | fat: 2.70g | carbs: 38.63g | prot: 28.82g
Includes: banana, Strawberries, 1/2 cup, Body Fortress, skim milk. 
"Banana, protein powder, skim milk and frozen strawberries,"

Protein Choco- Banana Soy Shake

cals: 192kcal | fat: 3.25g | carbs: 29.38g | prot: 16.32g
Includes: Body Fortress Vanilla protein powder, banana, Silk light plain, Nesquick. 
"protein powder, banana, soy milk"

Prune Truffles

cals: 103kcal | fat: 3.63g | carbs: 16.86g | prot: 1.39g
Includes: Dried Pitted Prunes, nutella. 
"2 prunes dipped in 1 tsp nutella( 1/2 tsp each)"

Pudding for Breakfast???

cals: 158kcal | fat: 1.82g | carbs: 34.56g | prot: 10.41g
Includes: fiber one, fat free cottage cheese, 1/4 cup, Kraft handi-snacks SF pudding, cool whip, banana. 
"pudding, cottage cheese, fiber one, cool whip"

Pudding Pals

cals: 130kcal | fat: 3.48g | carbs: 22.97g | prot: 3.00g
Includes: sugar free jello pudding, Nestle's mini chocolate chips, Fat Free Cool Whip, Honey Maid graham cracker. 
"sugar free jello pudding, cool whip, graham crackers and chocolate chips"

Pumpkin Bagel

cals: 177kcal | fat: 0.95g | carbs: 35.55g | prot: 13.75g
Includes: sugar free jam, fat free cottage cheese, whipped pumpkin peanut butter mixture,2 Tbs, bagel. 
"bagel, sugar free jam, pumpkin peanut mixture, cottage cheese"

Pumpkin Pancakes

cals: 203kcal | fat: 3.08g | carbs: 43.54g | prot: 4.89g
Includes: sugar free syrup, hungry jack, canned pumpkin, Parkay. 
"pancake mix, canned pumpkin, sf syrup, parkay"

Raisin A Toast To Your Cinnamon

cals: 201kcal | fat: 2.05g | carbs: 70.99g | prot: 10.29g
Includes: sugar, Nature's own Double Fiber, splenda, sugar free syrup, parkay, California raisins. 
"parkay spray, fiber toast, cinnamon, nutrasweet/splenda, sugar, raisins, sf syrup"

Roast Beef Salad

cals: 136kcal | fat: 2.39g | carbs: 18.23g | prot: 12.50g
Includes: Wishbone Fat Free Chunky Blue cheese, 2 tbs , carrot, lettuce, tomato, roast beef deli meat. 
"roast beef, blue cheese dressing, tomato, carrot, lettuce"

Salmon Salad

cals: 149kcal | fat: 3.47g | carbs: 14.86g | prot: 18.49g
Includes: pink boneless salmon, lettuce, tomatoes, carrot, Fat Free Italian dressing. 
"pink salmon, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, grated carrot, Italian Fat Free dressing"

Sausage and Egg MC Muffin

cals: 210kcal | fat: 4.95g | carbs: 16.60g | prot: 24.53g
Includes: egg white, coffee, Morningstar veggie pattie, Multi Whole Grain English Muffins, Kraft Fat Free American Cheese, Parkay Spray. 
"Half a toasted english muffin with fat free cheese, veggie sausage and two scrambled egg whites"

Skinny Elvis

cals: 261kcal | fat: 6.91g | carbs: 24.09g | prot: 22.61g
Includes: 1 tbs sugar free maple syrup, 1 tbs peanut butter, fat free cheese, butterball, egg white, alternative bagel english muffin. 
"english muffin, turkey bacon, reduced fat peanut butter, sf syrup, fat free cheese"

Soymilk banana pudding

cals: 182kcal | fat: 2.68g | carbs: 30.98g | prot: 4.92g
Includes: sugar free syrup, banana, Fat Free Sugar Free Vanilla Pudding, fat free cool whip, Light Plain Soymilk, Vanilla Wafers, cornstarch. 
"vanilla sf/ff pudding mix, sf syrup, silk light plain, ff cool whip vanilla wafers, cornstarch, banana"

Spaghetti Whoas

cals: 284kcal | fat: 2.58g | carbs: 38.58g | prot: 22.73g
Includes: Whole wheat spaghetti (cooked), zucchini, hunt's no sugar added spaghetti sauce, grated parmesean cheese, Vegan boca Burger. 
"zuchinni, spaghetti, and veggie burger with marinara sauce"

Spicy Bean Burrito

cals: 227kcal | fat: 1.53g | carbs: 31.04g | prot: 13.37g
Includes:  chopped onions, Carb balance whole wheat fajita wrap,  salsa, 1 tbs, refried beans, Kraft fat Free Cheese. 
"salsa, onions refried beans on whole wheat fajita wrap with fat free cheese "

Spicy Egg Wrap

cals: 119kcal | fat: 1.61g | carbs: 15.48g | prot: 17.19g
Includes: salsa, fat free cheese, egg white, garlic and Herb tortillas. 
"egg white, salsa, garlic and herb torilla. fat free cheese"

Sweet and Sour Chicken Salad

cals: 264kcal | fat: 1.47g | carbs: 21.86g | prot: 44.49g
Includes: chicken breast, carrot, lettuce, tomato, sweet and sour. 
"chicken breast, carrot, tettuce, sweet and sour sauce, tomato"

Taters and Eggs

cals: 253kcal | fat: 6.85g | carbs: 29.82g | prot: 14.92g
Includes: fat free sour cream, potato, egg, parkay, popcorn seasoning, egg whites. 
"egg, popcorn seasoning, ff sour cream, potato, parkay spray"

Tootie Fruity

cals: 211kcal | fat: 0.76g | carbs: 50.88g | prot: 3.38g
Includes: california orange, apple, banana, strawberries, light and fit, fat free cool whip. 
"1/2 orange, 1/2 apple, 1/2 banana, strawberries, light and fit yogurt"

Tuna Fishie Sandwich

cals: 269kcal | fat: 3.75g | carbs: 54.69g | prot: 32.33g
Includes: Great value tuna, light Miracle Whip, onion, Nature's Own double fiber bread, lettuce, tomatoes. 
"tuna, onion, light mayo, high fiber light bread, lettuce, tomato"

Tuna Salad

cals: 196kcal | fat: 1.39g | carbs: 16.23g | prot: 22.50g
Includes: Great value tuna, Wishbone Fat Free Chunky Blue cheese, 2 tbs , carrot, lettuce, tomato. 
"tuna, lettuce, carrot, tomato, blue cheese dressing"

Turkey BLT Salad

cals: 170kcal | fat: 5.95g | carbs: 13.78g | prot: 17.64g
Includes: Miracle whip light, fat free turkey, Butterball reduced fat turkey bacon, carrot, lettuce, tomato, caesar spray dressing. 
"smoked turkey, turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato, light miracle whip, carrot, 5 sprays ceasar dressing"

Turkey Wrap

cals: 140kcal | fat: 0.96g | carbs: 8.89g | prot: 26.69g
Includes: fat free turkey, fat free cheese, mustard, lettuce, tomato. 
"fat free turkey, cheese, mustard, tomato wrapped in lettuce"

Veggie Fun

cals: 112kcal | fat: 0.61g | carbs: 23.66g | prot: 4.26g
Includes: brocolli, celery, baby carrots, Wishbone Fat Free Blue Cheese Dressing. 
"1 cup Brocolli, baby carrots and celery with blue cheese dressing"

Waffley Morning

cals: 229kcal | fat: 2.85g | carbs: 47.00g | prot: 7.00g
Includes: Nurtigrain waffles, Sugar free syrup 1 tbs, parkay, light and fit . 
"Nutrigrain waffles, sf syrup, parkay, yogurt"

Wendy's Got Nothin!

cals: 274kcal | fat: 1.33g | carbs: 49.46g | prot: 17.08g
Includes: potato, fat free sour cream, potato topping, Wolf turkey no beans chili, Fat Free Cheese. 
"baked potato, fat free sour cream, potato topper, turkey chili and fat free cheese"

White Spaghetti Sandwich

cals: 253kcal | fat: 5.60g | carbs: 41.80g | prot: 10.03g
Includes: Hunt's, grated parmesean, spaghetti, White Bread, Parkay. 
"spaghetti, sf spagetti sauce, white bread, parkay, grated parmesean"

Yogurt Time

cals: 60kcal | fat: 0.20g | carbs: 9.00g | prot: 2.00g
Includes: light and fit, Fat Free cool whip. 
"Yogurt, cool whip"

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