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265.6 lb
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202.2 lb
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175.0 lb
Still to go: 27.2 lb
This photo was taken at 190 lbs! It feels so good to have lost so much, I never want it back!

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last weighin: losing 0.4 lb a week Down
last weighin: losing 1.4 lb a week Down
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You really have to get your head around it. What kind of exercise do you want to do? I didn't want to go to the gym, I have a recumbent bike that I felt I could do, and I thought following a video might be good. I wanted to get it over with first thing in the morning. I love Jane Fonda, so I found some of her videos on You Tube. I watched a few of them, and decided I could probably do one or 2 so I chose them and saved them on Pinterest. At this point I'm still getting my head around it! Then I had to change my morning routine, so now I take my coffee back to my nice warm bed and watch the news, or read, until I feel I'm awake enough, I choose my video on my tablet. In the beginning I would watch the video before I started, just to get my head around it, then I got up, put on my exercise clothes (always the same ones) and do the video, then I have my shower, and my breakfast. I did this for awhile, then started adding in the recumbent bike - only 5 minutes at first, then 10, then 15 (watching videos on my tablet during). Now I am up to 15 minutes on level 2, which a month ago I thought would be impossible! I now exercise 5-6 times a week (sometimes I just don't want to! - but I always make sure the next day that I do. It has really made a difference - small differences that I notice day to day, and I love Jane Fonda! If you want the videos I do, I will send you the URL. BTW, I am 63 years old, I know you are around my age from your profile. So I guess the steps are 1) decide what you want to do 2)decide when and where you want to do it 3) change your habits to get you there! It's a process, and I didn't exercise at all during the first few days of my process!
posted 28 Feb 2017, 16:35
change item input
look along the line of the item you put in and you will see a tiny x. Click on it to delete.
posted 26 Feb 2017, 14:07
I started this journey at 265 lbs, my recommended calories were 2200, but my natural eating takes me to about 1500-1600, I rarely go above 1600. I re-assessed my calorie limit last night and now it is 2000 (I lost 30+ lbs.) I consider that a 400 calorie buffer! So if I do get up to 2000 calories, I know it's still OK. I find it hard sometimes to even get to 1500! I think if you ate MUCH less, say 1000 calories, your body would go into starvation mode and would hang on to the fat.
posted 24 Feb 2017, 09:18
Getting discouraged
You love yourself and your body, forgive yourself, and start again. The next time you have a cheat meal, or cheat day (better to keep it at cheat meal), eat properly on your NEXT meal and beyond. I have spent many diets depriving myself and it just builds up. Then when I cheat I spent days berating and hating myself. Not good! This time I'm letting myself have those little cheats, as long as my NEXT meal is on plan, and it doesn't happen more than once or twice a week. Seems to be working well, my weight is going down slowly, but steadily! Keep at it! You CAN do it!
posted 24 Feb 2017, 09:10
Notation question for food journal
I find an easier and quicker way is to use I find it much faster than the cookbook option here, although it tends to be a bit finicky, such as Parmesan cheese can only be entered as grams, but you get used to what it likes and doesn't. So I make a big salad every week, put all the ingredients in, say it is one serving, then when I eat the salad I weigh out the serving (the calculator also calculates total wieght of the salad, be sure to put it in FS) Then I go to FatSecret, "add a new food", pop in the values from caloriecount, and it works perfectly. I just edit the food entry each week. I do the same with homemade soup, and edit it each time I make new soup.
posted 07 Dec 2016, 07:49
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