cals: 3935kcal | fat: 99.00g | carbs: 478.00g | prot: 322.00g
Includes: Steak and Portabello's, Grilled Chili-Lime Chicken Salad, Low Fat Chicken Roma Roll-up, Cajun Lime Tilapia, Grilled Tilapia with Mango Salsa & Rice, Veggie Patch Pizza, Grilled Dijon Chicken & Portobellos, Low Fat Veggie Quesadilla, Asiago Peppercorn Steak, Spicy Shrimp Diavolo. 

barilla pasta (7) and classico sauce (7) plus chicken (7)

cals: 370kcal | fat: 3.00g | carbs: 51.00g | prot: 35.00g
Includes: Tomato and Basil Pasta Sauce, Pipette Pasta, Perdue Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast. 

cowboy chicken with shrimp

cals: 2885kcal | fat: 30.09g | carbs: 171.70g | prot: 446.33g
Includes: Skinless Chicken Breast, Kirkland Signature Frozen Shrimp, Giant Eagle Lite Sour Cream, Great Value Mild Chunky Salsa, Del Monte Canned Corn, Black Beans (Canned). 

japanese steakhouse (hibachi)

cals: 1776kcal | fat: 67.60g | carbs: 218.60g | prot: 74.20g
Includes: california roll, dragon roll, Hibachi Chicken, Japanese Onion Soup, seaweed salad, salad with ginger dressing, Fried Rice, yakisoba. 

japanese steakhouse (sushi)

cals: 1787kcal | fat: 51.53g | carbs: 191.51g | prot: 80.81g
Includes: scallops, Miso Soup, Italian Salad Mix, California Roll, Japanese Seaweed Salad (Wakame), fried rice, Soy Ginger Dressing, appletini, sapporo, miller lite. 

meatloaf (ma's for 6 pounds meat)

cals: 8082kcal | fat: 461.88g | carbs: 75.80g | prot: 843.58g
Includes: ground beef, panko breadcrumbs, egg, cheese mozz. 


cals: 3243kcal | fat: 131.04g | carbs: 285.00g | prot: 157.89g
Includes: cheese pizza, pizza with meat and vegetables, marinara sauce, Chicken Wings, Meatballs, Hand-Tossed Caesar Salad with Wood-Grilled Chicken, Miller Lite Beer (12oz), score's popcorn, score's gnocchi (taken from delallo). 

seven-pound pasta

cals: 386kcal | fat: 3.50g | carbs: 60.97g | prot: 30.57g
Includes: Whole Grain Rotini, boneless chicken breast, Marinara Sauce, orange bell pepper. 

WheatRollup 4Turkey 2FFSingles

cals: 400kcal | fat: 6.00g | carbs: 39.00g | prot: 48.00g
Includes: Singles Fat Free American Cheese Slices, Whole Wheat Lavash Roll-ups, honey roasted & smoked breast of turkey. 

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