Comfort Suites Microwave Meal

cals: 1134kcal | fat: 6.34g | carbs: 147.02g | prot: 30.71g
Includes: Pasta sauce, Lettuce Salad with Assorted Vegetables (Including Tomatoes and/or Carrots), President, White wine, Olive tapenade, Seeds of change, Mann's, Greenline. 

Grab 'n go sweet potato salad

cals: 235kcal | fat: 8.31g | carbs: 33.94g | prot: 7.75g
Includes: Lettuce Salad with Assorted Vegetables, Italian Salad Dressing (Reduced Fat, without Salt), Sweet Potato (without Skin, Cooked, Boiled), roast pumpkin, Sundried Tomatoes, Crouton. 


cals: 502kcal | fat: 10.70g | carbs: 73.45g | prot: 29.96g
Includes: tuna, focaccia, lettuce salad, gala, mustard. 

Sofitel breakfast

cals: 337kcal | fat: 5.66g | carbs: 47.52g | prot: 24.27g
Includes: smoked salmon, skim milk, Rye toast, melon. 

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