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I am 23 about to grad college with a third degree. I have danced all my life and would love to join the falcons cheer. But first, I have to get in better shape. I am very muscular for a girl, but I need to lose the fat which is tricky. Please send motivation and encouragement. It's greatly appreciated! Thanx!

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Month 2 and 3 of JenznFriendz Exercise Plan
b]For those who like to follow my plan:[/b]

In take::: (Give or take 10%)

1. Protein: (Male- 1.3g*weight)(Female- .9g*weight)
2. Fiber: (Male- .2g*weight) (Female- .2 g*weight)
3. Carbs: (Male- .9g*weight) (Female- .75g*weight)

My Intake for Month 2:::
1. 110.16g
2. 24.48g
3. 91.8g

No more than 20% fat or 1200 calories

JenzNfriendz exercise plan!!!

Month 2

4 Weeks:
Monday- 60 min Cardio/ Abs
Tuesday- 45 min cardio/ Back and Bi
Wednesday- 60 min cardio/ Abs
Thursday- 45 min cardio/ Legs (split train)
Friday- 60 min cardio/ Abs
Saturday- 45 min Cardio/ Chest and Tri
Sunday- Legs/ Abs

Month 3 (Split training and exercise mix everyday)

4 weeks:
Monday- Chest/Abs (Morning): 45 Cardio (Night)
Tuesday- Back (Morning): 60 cardio (Night)
Wednesday- Shoulders/Abs (Morning): 60 Cardio (Night)
Thursday- Arms/Abs (Morning): 45 Cardio (Night)
Friday- Legs and Abs (Morning): Rest (Night)
Saturday- Hike/Cardio 2 hours
Sunday- Back (Morning): Legs or Cardio (Night)

Note: Cardio is either running or swimming
posted 18 Jul 2011, 16:01
Protein drink or not to drink?
Just some advice though, becareful with some GNC products. My boyfriend noticed they try to sell theirs first before the name brands. Some products are good, but some they lie about. I know from experience with the acai berry pills. My doctor says they are just good as a vitamin, the GNC sales rep said I'd lose weight with it (it was a GNC product not the orignial). And I never did. Huge waste of money and time. The best thing is to find products at mom and pop health stores. People like them have close experience and also have great advice. The body builder who won GA 3 times worked at M and J's in Woodstock and he didn't lie to make a dollar. He actually kept a customer spending 800 a year with him. =) Some GNC stores hire anyone and will do whatever to make a dollar for commission.
posted 13 Jul 2011, 17:46
Protein drink or not to drink?
Agreed Stacie. Some can't get enough without it.
posted 13 Jul 2011, 17:38
Protein drink or not to drink?
Protein is in everything you eat that God provided. Our meat, our eggs, our milk (almond milk prefered), everything. He never said it was bad. Therefore, wether you take in protein through a shake or eating a steak, you will never have an excessive amount of protein. It's only natural to eat it. That and green veg. It's honestly the best thing for you. Can you name anything that is better for you? Protein shakes are there to get in your blood stream a lot faster when you need it such as breakfast from a long night of rest and a hard workout. No one said to stop eating. But you have to keep it portioned right too. It's all the same.
posted 13 Jul 2011, 17:15
Protein drink or not to drink?
you want 90 g of protein a day. you want 25 % fat a day. Without high protein and low fat you won't lose weight. You'll lose weight but not all of it will be fat. Some will be muscle. You want more muscle to burn more calories. Trust me. My boyfriend and cousin both work for P90X. Many of sites will tell you the same. You're body needs protein to feed the muscles. Carbs and sugar just turn to fat unless the carbs are complex. I am only 134 with over 100 pounds of body mass, Bones, muscle, not including fat. Once you get to this size, it's harder to lose weight without it. You use two scoop in the morning to statr your morning off right. You can still eat food. I'm not telling you not to. you cant live without it. But you still need the protein snack to keep your body going and your metabolism up. And the two scoops after your workout at night. Other wise, your workout will do nothing but cause you to go catabolic and start eating your muscle. You want to be toned, not flabby. You may not be using the right brand of protein. Most female body builders will tell you the more protein the better. Research it.

You have a big healthy breakfast (protein shake with a yogurt and egg whites), a small snack (celerey sticks, so forth), Lunch (baked chicken, salad), snack (1 scoop of protein), dinner (fish filet and a side), and p. shake after workout. You don;t have to have a scoop of protein for a snack, it just helps if you aren't getting enough in your daily diet. Diet is the most important part of weight loss. The more often you eat (every 3 hours) the more you will lose. It will keep your metabolism high if you eat small frequent meals. Plus, if you get your body on a schedule and eat the same time every day, your body will naturally start to heat up meaning your metabolism is high.
posted 13 Jul 2011, 17:03
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