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08 February 2018

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05 February 2018

I'm still here. Because I have to eat less protein and somewhat more carbs thanks to kidney stones, but I don't want to upend my low glycemic approach, I'm continuing to put out a lot of effort to fill up my plate with veggies. Last night I roasted two small eggplants. I split them lengthwise and took out some of the big clumps of seeds. Meanwhile, in a skillet I softened a sweet onion and a red sweet pepper, mixed in some Italian seasoning and garlic season salt, and then added about 2/3 pound chicken Italian sausage and a can of Italian plum tomatoes. When everything was fully cooked, I filled the half eggplants with the sauce, topped them with shredded lactose-free mozzarella, and put them under the oven broiler. It was delicious. And there was plenty of sauce left over, so I cooked up some zoodles tonight and had no-carb spaghetti for dinner. There's still another serve of the sauce left. It was really declicious. I'm right on target calorie wise for the day, but I'm sure I'll have some fruit later on. Yum. I think I'm getting myself back together.
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02 February 2018

Have had such a struggle getting back on track, back on line with this community. Have missed you all. But to be honest, I think that this is pretty much how things went for me last holiday season as well. If anything, it may have been a little worse because last year was my big birthday, so there were entirely too many celebrations, so it took me until March to get myself back together. The past couple of days, I've felt like I'm making progress toward reestablishing my healthy eating patterns again. The best that can be said for all this is that I am still wearing my size 10 jeans that I bought in October, so I must not have done too much damage.

Anyway, I'm going to treat myself gently for the next month -- my birthday is coming up and so is Mardi Gras (meaning donuts) -- and I'm not going to beat myself up. My feeling is: Every year there will be holidays and birthdays, and the trick is to enjoy them without going crazy, and I think I've managed that, as my size 10 pants testify. Once I'm passed the remaining revelry, I will rededicate myself to the routine... and I will do my best day by day to reinforc good habits and control the bad ones.

BTW -- I made a fantastic zoodles pad thai the other night, using Whole Foods 365 peanut coconut sauce. I combined sweet red pepper, sweet onion, garlic, green beans and some grilled eggplant slices I got off the salad bar. Once all that stuff was softened, I added the zoodles, then the peanut sauce, and last about 1/2 pound cooked shrimp. It was just delicious, and I plan to do it again next week, probably using chicken breast next time.

Sunday I'm going to roast two small eggplants and stuff them with ground turkey and veggies and tomatoes. Maybe put them under the broiler with some cheese. We'll see how that works out. But the point is, I'm getting back into cooking up a storm with lots of vegetables and few carbs, so I can save my carbs for gluten-free waffles and bread. '

Watching what all of you are doing for creative recipes. Can always use some inspiration! Let's get going.
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30 November 2017

OK I'm back. Haven't started logging my food, but since I got back on Tuesday night I've been very careful. I suffered from IBS the whole holiday week and survived on 2-3 Immodium every 24 hours. Of course the problem with that approach is that as soon as the Immodium wears off the whole cycle starts over again. If I can't get myself stabilized by Monday, then I'm going to try out the approach my vet recommends for the dogs: 12-24 hours of water and broth only, followed by 24-48 hours of white rice and broth, then gradually introduce proteins (starting with plain chicken or turkey) and finally add fruits and vegetables. This works quite well for Carson, so I might as well try it on me! But it's possible that by the time I've been home 5-6 days and sticking on my diet, my innards will settle down.

At the same time, I know that I am going to have to make some adjustments in my diet to try to fight off the kidney stone problem. This means cutting back on blueberries and strawberries and buckwheat products, and also reducing my protein a bit and raising my carbs a little. The carbs will likely be in low-sugar (but not artifically sweetened because that's a NO for IBS) lemonade and grapefruit juice, because I need the citrate to try to dissolve the kidney stones. I bought a bottle of organic lemonade today and tried it out. Even using only about 3 oz in a large glass filled the rest of the way with sparkling water and ice, it was still too sweet for me, so I squeezed in about 1/4 of a large lemon, and that seemed to work OK. I do the same with grapefruit juice -- dissolve about 3 oz with 12 oz of sparkling water, but at least I don't have to add lemon juice!

I did have a very nice Thanksgiving week though, in spite of the IBS. But boy that meal is a lot of work! I made 4 batches of gluten-free corn bread to take with me to make the dressing, and I had made butternut squash soup and froze it when I was in DC in October, so I had a bit of a head start, but still... it's a really hard meal to get on the table. I think maybe the Thanksgiving tradition was developed for large families where everyone contributes labor and supplies. We have a very small family, so I was pretty much on my own with the cooking. I was exhausted by Sunday.

Hope everyone is well and happy and looking forward to a joyous holiday season!
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02 November 2017

Most of you know I'm really struggling with how to satisfy cravings for things as simple as one chocolate chip cookie -- when one chocolate chip cookie will make me sick for a week, and the gluten-free versions are like eating directly from the sugar bowl.

So I've been looking for sweet treats that are "legal" on FODMAP, satisfy the craving, and don't go overboard calorie or carb-wise.

It's not like I want a cupcake every day for high tea. But every few weeks I get to feeling like I can't live another moment without a chocolate donut. And of course, after I eat that donut, I'm sick for a day.

Recently I found these great new gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free products call Better Bites -- mini-cake balls and mini-hostess-style cupcakes that aren't bad calorie or carb-wise because the woman who invented these recipes seemed to have been very conscious of these factors. So I have some of those in the freezer.

I also discovered that pineapple is very stisfying for sweet cravings. It's expensive, but I've been buying cut-up pineapple every week and mixing it in with berries or just eating it on its own, and it is very satisfying.

Today I found a new option -- not quite so good on the carb range, but a relatively low sugar natural snack: crispy rice rollers, now available at Costco. They are not very low carb, but if you're managing for moderate-to-low carb intake, and you want a crunchy snack, these are quite good. And... if you combine one (50 calories) with a TBSP of peanut butter (100 calories), then you reduce the impact of the snack on your blood sugar, and you have a very satisfying snack for 150 calories, which I think is a pretty good deal. This has the added benefit of crunchiness -- which for some reason is a texture that you miss out on a lot with low-FODMAP.

I don't mean to sound as if I'm always looking for snacks -- but as I move toward maintenance and come to grips with IBS as a long-term fact of life,
I'm trying to find ways to stick to low-FODMAP, but not be in situations where if I don't eat something bad for me I don't get to eat at all, or I'm feeling so deprived I'm resentful all the time --- although honestly I DO RESENT that I will never be able to really enjoy a great piece of chocolate cake ever again because of this stupid IBS.

I decided that before I go to DC for Thanksgiving, I'm going to make another one of my chocolate almond flour cakes with caramel and chocolate butter cream. I'll freeze it so it packs well to go on the plane. That way, I'm way less likely to eat something terrible for me and spend the holiday sick! Plus everyone else loves that cake.

Just here whining for a change...
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