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01 May 2017

Weigh-in: 139.6 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 22.7 lb Diet followed N/A
   add comment on diet Fragorl's own diet   gaining 0.1 lb a week

14 March 2016

Weigh-in: 133.0 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 16.2 lb Diet followed poorly
   add comment on diet Fragorl's own diet   steady weight

01 March 2016

Weigh-in: 133.0 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 16.2 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   add comment on diet Fragorl's own diet   losing 5.6 lb a week

25 February 2016

I haven’t really followed a diet for about 2 years so this is a bit of a culture shock, but I have recently crossed over from size 12 to 14 in trousers, meaning I am the largest I have been in my life, which wasn’t a pleasant realisation.

This is entirely my fault as I have made little to no effort to curb my sweet tooth, and the amount of between meal times snaking on chocolate and puddings is getting ridiculous so for the moment I am going to cut out anything with chocolate/ pudding, and once I have done this for a while, I will try to cut some of the mealtime carbs etc. I am hoping that by taking it slowly and not trying to give up everything at once I will be more able to summon willpower and then once I am into the swing of things, it will be easier to make further changes.

I have been fairly active, walking half an hour on most days and doing about 20 minutes of Pilates every day but I have been experiencing a lot of joint problems (apparently I am hypermobile with naturally unstable ligaments) with back problems for over a year and more recently ankles that keep spraining, so losing some weight should reduce the strain, while I also plan to continue with my Pilates, hopefully strengthening up the weakest areas so I can live like a more active person and not spend every minute fretting about whether my back will go if I try to lift something etc.

I probably won’t write that much in this journal, but I am hoping that I can look back in a few months and see that I have made some noticeable improvements. I don’t expect weight loss to make a great deal of difference to the joints (I am not particularly large and I have been told repeatedly that strengthening/stabilising the affected areas is probably more likely to help) but surely even a few pounds gone will lessen the pressure slightly – I know it will make a big difference to my appearance, and it may inspire me to persevere with exercise, which can help strengthen the joints and hopefully break the pain cycle.

I am a little cautious of calorie counting – the last time I used this site was three years ago, when I lost a lot of weight and was a lot prettier and more confident, but also became a little unhealthily obsessed with the values of food. I think moderation is the key, not something I have ever been that great at, but my priorities are much more long term and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life obsessing over how I really shouldn’t have eaten that or being unhappy with the person I see in the mirror.

Anyway, here it is, a message for my future self, hopefully by setting out my objectives from the start I will be able to look back and see positive changes in a couple of months!

25 February 2016

Weigh-in: 137.0 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 20.2 lb Diet followed N/A

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