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Current: I just gave birth 4months ago. I'm looking to lose about 20kg to finally get to the weight I want. I was so close at 62kg last April but found out then that I was 6weeks Prego. Away from home in Lebanon & it was inconvenient to work out much... I can't really restrict calories cz I'm breastfeeding & keeping my supply is TOP priority.. Gonna do it e Low carb way I Guess. Hopefully I will be able to start working out again in 2-3months when I am back home. Should be way lighter then anyway!!
In a few challenges.. U r welcome to join!!

I'm 5ft5" & I wanna lose abt 30pounds. I love doing taebo & I work out 5-6days on average for min.1-2hrs. I swim, rollerblade, jog, do HIIT, & tabata method. I do weight training too but with free weights, not at the gym.

I've been on a 1000-1500cal diet for many years & in the past 2 yrs, I find that NOTHING i do whatsoever will bring down e numbers on e scale. I use a polar ft60 hrm & on top of my calorie restriction, I try to do some form of exercise daily to hit a minimum of 500cal. On my workout days, I could go from 800-1400. On these days I usually up my intake to 1800.

I have seriously tried everythin there is to try but I can't seem to get my weight to budge even a tiny bit. & yes I read up constantly on starvation mode, building muscle, & virtually anythin that could account for this. I don't wanna consider medical reasons JUST YET as to why I'm not losing weight despite such dedicated efforts cz according to my hrm, my metabolic rate is pretty healthy.

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I've been on 600-1000cal per day for 2 months. Will hCG work for me?
Hi all!

I've been restricting my calories to a 600-1000cal range per day for almost 2 months now. Will hCG work for me or is my metabolism too screwed up for it?

Some background info.-- I'm 5ft 4.5", about 140-145pounds. I used to work out a lot, & I mean LOTS!! I've always been actively working out with TAE BO & jogging. For e past 6mths, at least, excluding this last 2mths, I ws overseas in e middle east & with nothin much to do, I upped my daily exercise from 1hr tae bo to 2hrs per day, min 6days a week. Besides that, I would go for a 45min run 3x weekly. Based on my polar hrm, I would burn a min of 800-1400cal just fr taebo & jogging, PER WORKOUT DAY.

Due to lots of foreign food, it ws hard to track my daily calories & i didn't really look at my daily calorie intake then but I'm pretty sure I never exceeded 2000 tops!

Whn i got hm, I'd put on like 6kg.. Dis ws end april 2011. I continued working out just as intensely, if not more, afraid I'd just put on more weight if I didn't continue my usual caloric burn. But still the weight wldn't budge tho' I ws looking pretty toned & muscular & healthy, as I ws told.

Sometime around mid June, I ate smthin bad & got food poisoning. I cldnt work out but I ws also puking most of what I ate. This ws for abt 1.5weeks. I'm not sure what exactly happened, but in less than 2weeks, I lost 5-6kg.
I still don't know if it ws my body getting more calories cz I'd been restricting too much before that brought about the weight loss, but I'm assuming that it must be or the weight would've piled back on by now right? I mean, it cldn't hv been from puking cz after I got well, the weight managed to stay off, and I managed to lose another 4kg WITHOUT WORKING OUT AT ALL although I am restricting calories as I mentioned above.

It would be fantastic if anyone could provide some insight as to how this could happen. & for hCGers, will hCG work for me if I've already been restricting calories intensely for 2months now? Like I said, I lost 4kg, & ONLY 4kg this July & I think I'm stalling, cz it's been a week now & the weight won't go down anymore though I m still taking in only 1000cal on average per day.

Thnx all for yr time reading this & Gd Luck to everyone on yr weight loss journey! Wink
Cheers, Raquel.
posted 01 Aug 2011, 08:48
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