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cals: 113kcal | fat: 1.03g | carbs: 18.96g | prot: 7.54g
Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
Delicate textured melt in your mouth pancakes.
cals: 47kcal | fat: 0.15g | carbs: 5.94g | prot: 3.27g
Iced Frapp Coffee
Great low calorie iced coffee made in a blender.
cals: 316kcal | fat: 8.53g | carbs: 10.14g | prot: 54.53g
Savory Balsamic Herb Chicken
A delightful chicken dish with lovely flavors.
cals: 268kcal | fat: 11.96g | carbs: 10.29g | prot: 33.35g
Baked Chicken and Broccoli
A fun take on the classic chicken divan.
cals: 211kcal | fat: 10.60g | carbs: 22.58g | prot: 6.09g
Balsamic Glazed Brussels Sprouts with Turkey Bacon
A dish to enjoy and prove that delicious brussels sprouts do really exist.
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Food Data Sizing Options

Your answer seems to be the simplest way to do this. I tried entering in the 84/140 and got an amount of .57 of a serving - very accurate. Thanks so much for taking the time to write. Not only will it save me a lot of time, but it will also give me a true reading!
posted 16 Mar 2011, 18:03
Food Data Sizing Options
I agree that this calorie counter has more options than any other I've tried. I was just trying to save myself a little time if there was an easy fix for this. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
posted 12 Mar 2011, 21:43
Food Data Sizing Options
I must not have expressed myself very well in my original post.

Yes, I know that there are 28.3 grams in an ounce, and I understand how to do all of these calculations manually. I would prefer not to have to do so, if possible. It would be much more convenient for me to be able to enter a food into my Food Diary using weight (either in ounces or grams) without my having to take any additional steps.

Example: Lets say I ate 84 grams of Great Value Frozen Peaches for lunch. I try to enter it into the computer, and the only size I can enter is 1 serving. So now I click on "view details" for the peaches and see that 1 serving = 1 cup or 140 grams. Then I have to get out a calculator and divide 84 by 140 to see that I had .6 of a cup of peaches. Then I go back to the computer to enter this amount. But in my Food Diary the computer won't accept .6, and has chaged the .6 amount to 4/8 of a cup, which is less than the actual amount I ate. (Not a big calorie difference when it's peaches, but it could be substantial for other high calorie foods.)

So, can someone please tell me how I can go about editing the nutritional data for foods that are already in the database, but limited to just 1 serving size. I do not want to change the 1 cup serving amount, I just want to add additional serving size options based on weight. I can always just enter it as a new food, but I did not want to clutter up the database if there was a better way to do this.

Since there are so many size / weight options available for something like apples (and many other foods), there must be a way to be able to do this.
posted 12 Mar 2011, 21:21
Food Data Sizing Options
I've noticed that many foods give you several sizing options. There are 8 different options for "Apples", including a small apple, a large apple, 1 ounce, 1 gram, etc. But for Great Value Frozen Peaches, my only choice is 1 cup.

So if I wanted to enter info for 1 ounce of Great Value Frozen Peaches, how would I do it? Would I have to do a separate entry of a new food? Isn't there some way to edit a food that is already in the database?

I weigh almost all of my food when I am dieting, so an answer to this would be HUGE for me. Thanks.
posted 12 Mar 2011, 13:49
How To Add Historical Data
Thanks to everyone who responded! However...

1) I am using a low tech flip phone, so I can't use the phone app.
2) I don't eat the same food every day, so it may not appear in my recently eaten button.

I guess I'm somewhat frustrated because this site seems to be pretty complicated. It appears to be very limited as to what you can and cannot do! I realize that there is a "learning curve" here for me, so I'll give it another couple of weeks before looking elsewhere for a better / easier site. (Unfortunately, this is not my only issue!)
posted 12 Mar 2011, 13:33
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